Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Doing the Most

Do you know that sometimes I have to go back and read past posts to remember what I write like? This is what happens at times like these. My mind is all a-jumble, friends. Up is down and left is right and west is...well, I'm never sure where west is. I have a really bad sense of direction. I'm the type who will go into a building and then forget how to get out. I even had a dream about it last night - I was driving my performance team to a gig and got us lost and everyone was all, "Umm it's 1:58 a.m! The place closes at 2!" and I was all, "relax...I'll use my ...GPS. Ah dang...we're not even in the right city ya'll..." and they were all..."ughh!" It was gripping. They'll probably turn it into a Lifetime biopic or something. Anyway, now that I've wasted a bit of your time, allow me to continue on with something a little more productive...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seasonal Change

Well friends, it's finally hot outside. Like, real life hot! I didn't think it could happen. But I'm glad for the change in weather, along with which came a change in wardrobe. I traded in my heels for some sneaks - kind of a rarity, but change is good. Right?  Let's discuss...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Weekender: Freestyle Battle + Minneapolis Salsa Movement

Welcome back to the week, my fresh friends. I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend full of family, friends, and remembering loved ones who have served us all in the noblest of ways.

This weekend was full of dance for me, which is just the way I like it! It began with a freestyle battle, the top 8 crews moved on to battle at Soundset - which I heard was all types of fantastic. In addition, I got to perform this weekend with Minneapolis Salsa Movement. If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should) you saw some video of some of the dopest moments from the battles as well as some shots from the Whiteout Party given by the Salsa Police at Loring Pasta Bar - where I performed.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love, Simplicity, and Hip Hop

I love graffiti. I love the artistry of it, the colors, the expression…and it’s just cool to look at. I always wished I was a visual artist of some kind. I never mastered it. Although I can draw a fantastic stick person. I can draw one in a hat. I can draw one without a hat. I can draw one who wishes he was wearing a hat…very complicated stuff. Anyway, I was recently asked the question "when did you fall in love with hip hop?" for a really cool blog and I thought it was an interesting question. Being that I’m standing in front of this fantastic artwork and being that it happens to be graffiti, it seems like an opportune opportunity (yep, you just read that) to explore what this question got me thinking about…