Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Partners & Preferences: A Practical Step Towards Relationship

Make a list, check it twice. No time for games, get your life. #RealChristmasRhymes
Hey there to my single peoples. I may have (very) recently left your ranks - but I was in the single and fantastic crew for quite some time.  Quite a long bit of some time, but I digress…
I have a huge heart for that stage of life because as awesome as it is, it can be equally as tough.

One of the things that I was told quite a bit was to use my single time to prepare myself for marriage since I wanted to be someone’s eternal boo some day. I would nod and have the following monologue in my head, “What does that even mean? You’re not even single. You don’t know how real the struggle is. Leave me alone. I’m hungry. I should get some Chipotle...”

If you are also in the, “what does that even mean?” camp - here is something practical that I think is quite useful.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Between Good Enough and Great Enough

I’ve never had much confidence. Definitely some. Just not a lot.

It’s been a constant battle for me since I can remember - particularly in the area of art & creativity - which is ironic/predictable since those are the things I love most.

I can trace it back to my younger years, in elementary school where I sang a shaky version of the Minnesota State Song (because I was so cool back then) in the talent show and the immediately burst into tears because I was certain it wasn’t good enough.

Or the play I auditioned for in 6th grade where I had to sing but didn’t get cast because I was so shy they couldn’t hear me over the piano (the pianist was playing quite, also, my aunt was one of the casting directors and I still couldn't manage to get a part as a townsperson or a tree….)

Let's fast forward a bit...

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Single Solution: 3 Lies About Being Single

Single and fearless and some type of fabulous. 

Heyyy all my single people. OMG being single is the worst amIrite? Just the worst!

I’m kidding! It can certainly be a challenge, but singlehood can be a fantastically amazing time in life. It’s supposed to be. Our culture, however,  is quite unkind to single people in a lot of ways. The following are things that bug me most. There are more of the things. So much things. Journey with me as we get to scratchin' the surface of it all....

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cheers to the Challenges

Yaaay! but, also, boo!

I’ve had the good fortune of getting engaged somewhat recently. I often get asked how I knew my eternal boo was, “the one.” Now, this is a big question - and I have to say there wasn’t one exact moment, but many little moments that culminated in the feeling that me and homeboy could rock out forever and grow into super ultimate old people as a duo.

In my observation, typically when someone is asked a question of this nature the answer goes something like, “well, he’s just so sweet and he makes me laugh and he has such a big heart and we ride off into the sunset on unicorns together every night after he makes me fresh baked cupcakes which he spices with a single tear from his eye after reading me the haiku he wrote me while chopping wood and lifting super heavy things because he is both sensitive and manly.” All of which is totally true for me (except for one part- that’s right, the cupcakes are actually store bought. Can’t have it all, I guess).