Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Leaning, Life's Changes, & Dr. Scholls

That's a mean lean - photo cred: visual optimism

I have flat feet. As much torture as I put my feet through the dancing in heels and the walking in heels and the standing in heels and the general abuse of it all, sometimes it makes life miserable for my back. This is a product of time and wear - in my (alleged) clubbing days I could stand around all night in 4” torture devices and be good to run a marathon the next morning. (Though I wouldn’t do that, as I don’t run. My running is reserved for possible zombie apocalypse, fleeing a burning building, and if it starts to rain and my hair is about to get wet...I digress).  Not long ago someone knowledgeable of my foot abusing lifestyle bought me a pair of arch insoles for my shoes, which I was pretty sure only old people wear. And, thus, I resisted. Until one day…

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Currently Digging: ChicksNKicks

Do you like Chicks? Do you like Kicks? Of course you do. Click the jump - get your sneaker game on...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Uniforms & Unicorns

FYI: This is not Gert

The first instance of uniform wearing was back in 1682, when Gert Hermentrute designed matching potato sacks for her women’s water polo team.

That may or may not be true/is a total lie. But Uniforms have long been a staple in the world of wardrobe. The thought of wearing them used to make me sad. They’re trying to squelch my creativity, I thought. They won’t let my inner Sasha Fierce happen, I thought.  But now that I am grown and have a job and approximately 16,432 other things to think about daily - I appreciate the value more and more of looking fantastically put together without having to give it any thought at all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello: Adele and Apologies (Video)

Adele painting with all the colors of the wind.

If you haven’t heard this song by now, Adele’s triumphant return with, “Hello,” is exactly what we all thought it would be - fantastical with a dash of - “yassss girl, how do you know my life??” She is one of those artists who has an amazing talent to put everything you didn’t know you were thinking into song form and then sing the mess out of it so much so that you’re halfway shouting at the end even though it’s not even a Jesus type song.

The situation the song finds us in here is the conundrum of the unresolvable unresolve. In the song, Adele’s voice (which is clearly laced with equal parts molasses, water falls, and organic cherubim tears) laments about a relationship that went wrong and realizes that, no matter how much she calls admitting her mistakes, the other party has effectively ghosted - leaving her to sing in a field in the wind by herself- like we all do from time to time.