Sunday, September 11, 2011

Specs and Heiruspecs

I had the pleasure of seeing Heiruspecs in concert. They were dope. Super dope even. If you haven't heard their music get on it.
Photo: Bryan P. Joyce

I was in a funky mood so I decided to go with one of my favorite accessories, my hipster specs.

I love good music. Events like this give me extra inspiration to express myself in my style. I was feelin' funky, so I went with it.
Holding up the wall for a moment.
Being surrounded by people who bask in creativity and being in the presence of talented folks is an awesome thing. Good music, good people, recent purchase (skirt)...what more could you ask for?? (I know, I know, you could ask for lots of stuff, it's just an expression smarty-pants...jeeze).

In what ways do you express your creativity?

In this photo I'm: a) amazed; b) terrified; c) awkward - Hint: the answer is always  "C"
Black Tank: Target
Pink Tank: American Apparel bodysuit
Skirt: Boxing Kitten
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Cuff: F21
Glasses: The Icing
Clutch: Target

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