Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Feet of Nature

It has been unseasonably awesome in terms of our weather here. I have been spending as much time outside as possible, because we all know it won't last forever...we'll be lucky if we get one more good week of non-craptastical  conditions. Although nature and I don't always get along (specifically bugs, we don't enjoy each other) not only did I spend some time in it, but I wore some elements of it too.

I have wanted colored denim forever. I love the color of these jeans and bright pants are perfect to pair with something with a neutral print. Enter my fave pair of snake print heels!

Kind of looks like a shoe mug shot

These are some of my fave shoes. I feel like they go with everything.

I happened to have a scarf that compliments the print of the shoes, so I threw that in there too. Scarfs are always great for adding an extra bit of pizzazz.

Apparently the sun is doing its sun thing too much for me here.

And here...
How well do you and nature get along? Do you have a favorite nature-type activity? 

Scarf: Coco and Lolly 
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Rachel Rachel Roy
Jacket: Some super random store in Gary, Indiana 8 years ago.... Similar HERE

FASHION FORWARD! Don't forget! That is all.


  1. LOVEEE this whole outfit, what is there not to like, those jeans r amazing and the shoes r gorgeous :)

  2. Love your blog, love your style, love you shoes.

  3. I love everything about this look. The color of your jeans is gorgeous and your ensemble is very stylish!

  4. These shoes are TOO cute.. Loving this outfit


  5. Those shoes are gorgeous! <3


  6. Great outfit, love the jeans!! xo -Taj

  7. Nice outfit! Those pants are an awesome colour!


  8. Really cool photos and nice style.
    Following, Please pay us a visit sometime.

  9. love it!

    thank you for following my blog!
    follow you back!

  10. your jeans colour is the best! a pop of colour.

  11. I love your peep-toes and the magenta jeans are absolutely delicious!

    P.s i am now following by Google friend connect.

    XO XO,


  12. these jeans and the shoes are amazing! and you were right...already this minnesota weather is becoming more and more, well...minnesota like! we have a nice warm streak there for a while though!

  13. i like your outfit. I saw couple of other outfits , you have very nice fashion taste


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