Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here Goes Nothin'

Don't forget about the Fashion Forward event happening on December 10th. It's going to be all kinds of fantastic and I would love for you to be there!

Also, I hope you had a fantastic Turkey day. Mine was full of food and familial chaos, which is the best kind of chaos.

For something un poco different, I decided to try out a studio shoot with a photographer chum of mine. He did a great job!

Being in a studio environment is always so different. I feel I haven't quite mastered it. With nothing to stand on or in front of or behind and nothing to sit by or lean against and nowhere to walk...it just feels a bit awkward. So the above is the pose I came up with. It seems to successfully say, "Hey guys, I'm standing here looking at the camera!" I think that sentiment was captured fantastically.

Perhaps I was going for a "Glamour shots by Deb" type pose here?

As for the dress, it is a great vintage find at one of my favorite shops here in Minneapolis. I gave it a little hem job and made it a bit more modern. I love the colors and the print. That is of course, what caught my eye first. I decided to keep the accessories very simple and for the shoes I went to my go-to place of choice.

If Aldo was a person I swear I'd marry him ya'll.

So there you have it. I'm not quite sure what it is you have exactly as it is late while I'm writing this and I just had a cupcake and the sugar may be having some adverse effects on my ability to write a coherent post.

This one seems to say, "I have a headache, and it's hilarious!"

I'm pretty sure I have said nothing of use in this entire post. Unless you have found something that I said useful, in which case, I totally meant to do that. One thing is for certain though, no more cupcakes before bed.

Photo Credit: Haythem Lafhaj Photography

Dress: Vintage (via Via's Vintage)
Belt/Jewelry: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M (long ago)
Shoes: Aldo


  1. What a cute dress, that's definitely a great vintage score. The color looks good on you and it fits perfectly.


  2. Wow! you look really beautiful!
    Have a nice day :)

  3. you look great pretty lady! I love your boots :)

  4. Ofc I will look at you blog! Wow i really love that ring and the shoes! :D

  5. gorgeous dress and your make-up in the close-up picture is just stunning :)


  6. Love those booties and the knuckle duster!!


  7. looking pretty amazing here in these beautiful pics, love your dress, great color!!

  8. Beautiful! I love blogging but hate taking photos loo! Which do you prefer? Being behind the keyboard or in front of the camera?


  9. Love those booties! I've been looking for a brown pair. You have such lovely style. I'm now following your blog :-)

  10. Loving the shoes!!We would have to be co-wivws if Aldo was a person!!and that ring,hot!!xx



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