Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Firstly, (is that a word? My spellcheck isn't correcting me but I feel like it should be. I'm worried.) I hope you had a fantastic MLK day yesterday. I went to a wonderful program honoring the life of Dr. King through the arts. It was all types of amazing.

Secondly, a little fact about me, I enjoy a good peplum. They make me endlessly happy with all their little pseudo-skirtness. They seem to say, "I have aspirations to be a skirt, but why do that when I can just hang out here and be awesome?" I hear you peplum. I had aspirations to be an astronaut who moonlighted as a figure skater when I was younger, but I then I thought, "Why be a space figure skater when I can chill on earth and hang out on the internets wearing outfits and whatnot?" I mean, I don't really remember my thought process at that time, but I'm fairly sure it went something like that.

I also love military style jackets. When I found one with a peplum my heart just about exploded with joy! I'm glad it did not. The green top also has a skirted bottom. Yay and yay!

Double peplum. Cooler than a double rainbow? I think so.

If anyone knows any skating astronauts, let me know. I think I might still like to make that a reality. 

Jacket: Arden B (long ago)
Top: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Aldo
Jewelry: All gifted to me by my (awesome) aunt


  1. bahaha this is so cute! And you are hilarious :) I think I wanted to be a ballerina that only had to wear the outfits, not actually practice. Like, ever. Maybe that's why I love the skirty peplum look as well! :)
    Kaleigh xx

    1. loveee THE LOOK!!!!

  2. Love how the jacket looks on you! Amazing!

  3. I am loving the jacket, but honestly, peplum dresses and skirts scare me. :) But I would wear this jacket all day! Way to rock it!



  4. very nice jacket and I completely feel you on the peplum there's something about that's frilly without being cheesy


  5. Replies
    1. Very elegant outfit. Really nice, I like the green shirt too.



  6. That jacket and those heels are the BIZNESS!!! Lovely!

  7. I love the shape of the jacket on you :) and the killer heels ofcourse!


  8. Your outfit is amazing! And so is your blog!
    love it!



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