Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Emerging Designers Showcase

On Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Emerging Designers Showcase, an event put on by L'etoile Magazine and MNfashion. The show was as unique as it's location, CO Exhibitions, which provided a backdrop of artistic creations to peruse between designer's presentations. It was great to walk around and look at each of the thought provoking pieces. The thought they provoked in me most was, "I don't understand this, am I not deep enough to understand?," but they were wonderful to look at none the less. Scroll down for the designers work, my look from the night, and some street style type pics:

The art that that was making me insecure.You win this time art. You win this time.

My look for the night. Half dressy, half casual, half something else. Wait....

The showcase was an informal event, 5 designers showcased 3 pieces each - leaving time in between to socialize with fellow show attendees. I had the chance to meet some amazing people and snap some pictures of the fly folks of MN:

YQY by Vivian - Vivian Aronson/ KR Designs Jewelry - Kristi Relopez
Nicole Larson/ Lefthand Originals Jewelry - Larissa Loden
Marrisa Bridges/ Jewelry by Vanessa Zahid
The above Marrisa Bridges pieces were a few of my favorite pieces in the showcase. I'm loving the ombre details of the lace dress, the water color blues of the white dress, and the semi sheer maxi skirt needs to get in my closet now!

Gina Marie Vintage/ Camba Jewelry - Krissy Krull
Caroline Haden/ Jewelry by Carla Cohen
This Caroline Haden/Carla Cohen combination was my other favorite presentation. The black dress on the left was just beautiful and I am simply digging the green printed blouse.

Music came by way of the lovely and  talented Oso with a little help from Mayda

Some fashionable Twin Cities Folks: 
Ray of Nardo Wardrobe Consultants                                       India, Shop owner of Behind the Scenes and Laura
                                                                                                       I'm excited to visit this new boutique! I'll tell you all about it!

         I didn't catch her name, but I'm loving her look!                                      Adrienne Yancy, designer of Ariel Simone

It really was a great event! I enjoyed getting out and meeting the good people of Minneapolis/St. Paul. To cap off a wonderful night (a night which I decide the weather was going to be fantastic and, thus, did not bring my coat into the venue and wore suede shoes) by the time I left, it was a frigid, blizzardy wonder land:
You win this time Minnesota weather. You win this time.

Sigh. Good thing the event was so great, between the paintings and the weather I could have walked out with some type of cold weather triggered, art related complex. I'm just thankful I survived and did not bust my stuff on the slippery sidewalk on the journey back to the car. Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things...

My Look:
Jacket: Arden B
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank: Jack BB Dakota
Pants: Rachel Rachel Roy
Shoes: Sam Edlman
Jewelry: Forever 21/Vintage


  1. I love your outfit! Thanks for sharing pictures from this event - I haven't been able to go to any MN Fashion week events so it's been fun living vicariously through others!

  2. Fab photos. What a cool event and that weather looks fierce, lol. Cute outfit.

  3. The pics turned out great! loved spending some time with you!! :)

  4. all of these designs are beautiful!
    and that snow looks fabulous to me. i'm definitely a fan of the snow!
    xo TJ

  5. Ooo, I love your hot pink lips! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  6. liking your look



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