Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Things to Do Now That It's Spring

In my continuing celebration of spring, I thought about all the things that I would like to do now that the sun is shining and I can get a sufficient amount of vitamin D. In the winter I just want to be like a bear and hibernate.  I also want to be like a bear because bears don’t pay rent and can eat whatever they want, but mostly I still want to be a person. In any case, here are a few springy things to do:

1.       Pedicure
            This is for ladies AND men. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, should have feet full of crusties. There is nothing fresh about having toes that look like you spent the winter chipping ice off of your driveway with them. Most of us have had our toes cooped up in boots an all winter long. Before you break out the open toed shoes and sandals, please go to a licensed professional who can shave the uh-uhs and the whatnots off so you can show your tootsies to the world (without scaring small children). 
FYI, don't ever gooogle search "feet." Scary, scary things happen....
2.       Closet Clean Out
          Time to break out the warm weather gear! If you’re like me (or I’m like you, not really sure which) then you go to your closet, look around, and wonder how the heck you got through last spring because clearly all of your spring clothes have revolted and staged a walkout during the winter months when you weren’t paying attention because now you have nothing to wear.
            I find the best thing to do is sift through all your clothes, put the winter stuff away or donate what you don’t want, and assess what you really have. A lot of the time there are things lurking in there that we just can’t see because they are amidst a bunch of stuff we’re tired of wearing. So get in there and get to sortin’!
Image via here

3.       Work your body
          Those of you who identify with my hibernation tendency, it’s time to get outside and do something non-hibernationy (why yes, that IS the technical term for it.) You don’t have to hit the gym, I’m not a gym person myself, but you should do something. Walk around the lake. Play tag. Do push-ups in your front yard so all the neighbors can see how buff you are. Open your windows and dance around your house like a crazy person to loud music. (The last two will probably get you put on the neighborhood watch list, but if you’re ok with that then go for it!) 
            Perhaps hit a dance class. I may be biased because I teach a dance class, but for me it’s a fantastic way to be creative and get moving without being bored. Also, I’m unquestionably biased. 
Or maybe pick one of these up and fire up that old VCR!
4.       Spring-ify your bedroom
          Get your comforter dry cleaned/washed and put away for next winter and dress your room up in its own spring duds. You can definitely participate in spring trends for your body and for your home! Find some great neon accented d├ęcor or a new throw or pillow in a fresh color. Don’t be afraid to spice up your quarters with little things here and there to renew your space and your mindset. Fresh flowers are a great way to do that too. Go pick some from the house down the street’s garden, they won’t mind!

Photo: Refinery29

5.       None of the above
            Listen, you’ve been busy all winter. It’s nice outside.  Go sit in some grass, stare at the sky and do some daydreaming as the breeze gently grazes your face. Take it all in, take a deep breath, relax and do nothing. Except dancing, I always recommend dancing. 

What would you add to the list?


  1. most of these things, I wanted to do in Spring as well, especially the working out!! great post!

  2. Pedicure, yes, needed like stat!! And a Closet clean out.

    And your image of Buns of Steel totally made me LOL - I remember those tapes. Don't forget Sweatin' to the Oldies too!

  3. Your banner is WOW ! and i like your blog btw !


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