Monday, March 5, 2012

Denim Amendment

Growing up when Punky Brewster, The Cosby Show (Denise always dressed so cool!), Clarissa Explains it All, A Different World and other fabulous late 80s/early 90s tv programming abounded  - I have seen my share of denim outfits. I'm talking all denim everything. When the denim-on-denim trend emerged again not too long ago, I swore on a stack of Karl Kani and Cross Colours that I would not participate. I had a very real and terrifying fear that my attempt to pull off the look would leave me looking like this:

Or perhaps this: 
Don't get me wrong, I used to love this show! This look...not so much.
It took me a while, but I decided to face my fear and amend my "Absolutely no denim-on-denim" rule this weekend. I realize that this moment in recycled fashion may be over, but that's the great thing about personal style, it doesn't matter! So I'm late to the party - I'm late to pretty much everything in life, why should this be any different?

Opening the door to the past...


On this chilly but sunny day, I decided to pair light and dark denim  (this keeps it a bit more current) with a lot of rust colored accessories.

Reluctantly coming back to the present where there are no slap bracelets or Trapper Keepers

Now that I've written this post I'm having a completely nostalgic moment. Any one up for Saved By the Bell reruns and a game of Pogs?

Let's reminisce, what are your favorites moments form that era?

Shirt: Levi's (Thrifted)
Belt/Ring: Forever 21
Denim Leggings: Express
Boots: Aldo
Bracelets: H&M/Vintage


  1. I love your take on a "denim on denim" look! The different shades of blue give it nice contrast and it doesn't feel too early 90's at all! I gotta say those pictures definitely take me back though!

  2. Love the way you did the denim on denim trend! Totally not like Sister, Sister or Clarissa explains it all, ha! Gorgeous.

  3. awww trapper keepers!!! i remember those well!

  4. Love!! I felt the same way up until about 2 years ago now I love denim on denim and Levi's is an awesome brand to get that mix!!!!

  5. i adore your


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