Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion Forward: Campus Kitchens

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging with a few ladies from Augsburg College here in Minneapolis. We volunteered with a program called The Campus Kitchen Project. This program partners "with high schools, colleges, and universities to share on-campus kitchen space, recover food from cafeterias, and engage students as volunteers who prepare and deliver meals to the community." It's a really cool deal. Not only are you helping by delivering food to the community, but also saving food from being wasted!

We traveled all the way up to the 27th floor of Ebenezer Tower Apartments, an assisted living facility for seniors.

View from the 27th Floor

We had the opportunity to serve dinner to an awesome group of people with the most interesting stories!

Check me out double-fisting on the serving! Ambidextrous FTW!

We arrived around 5:30, served the residents, and then got to sit around and talk with them for a while. I met a lady who was 80 years old. She was from the deep south and wasn't really allowed much of an education when she was younger - but she did not give up. In 2010 - at 78 - she got her high school diploma and no goes around and speaks at schools about the importance of education. How cool is that?!

Some more ladies from the group.

In the picture below, you'll notice a young man standing on the end. He was hilarious for one, but he was all the more fascinating as I got to hear a bit about his story. Before he moved back to Minneapolis to care for his ailing parents, he worked in fashion -doing sewing and various tasks - out on the west coast. This man has worked with Judy Garland ya'll. Judy Garland! He also told me stories of how he would go to Marlene Dietrich's house through the back door, as at that time that was the only way he was allowed in places,  and she would breeze down the stairs in nothing (like for real nothing) but a suede trench coat.

The group plus an honorary member

View of the city from the other side of the building before we left.

 I had an absolute blast! Thanks to Chelsea from Campus Kitchens for doing this awesome work and to the ladies from Augsburg that came with me!

The Campus Kitchen Project is in 31 schools across the country! See if there's one near by or start one at your own school! Be sure to let me know if you get involved in this organization!

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