Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Greening

If you are a fellow Minnesotan or you live in the surrounding midwest, you know that spring not only arriving on time but EARLY (insert tears of joy and awe) is utterly unheard of. It seems that mother nature is in a really good mood this year and, hence, it was warm weather and blue skies this weekend. Please, everyone, don't do anything to make her angry - recycle, plant a tree, hug a puppy - just keep her happy so she keeps us happy ok?

I was feeling spring in the air and I've been eager to break out my limited collection of spring duds that have been waiting in the recesses of my closet (I was not prepared to have to be prepared this early!):

I found this trench in this wonderus bright green on a thrifting excursion and instantly knew it should be in my closet. Even if you aren't the type to wear bright colors, you can give a basic outfit great pop with the outerwear.

One of the reasons I feel in love with this dress is the beading and the geometric pattern. It's a great little summer something.

I keep getting scared that this is all too good to be true and I will wake up the next morning to 3 feet of snow and below zero temps. I'm keeping hope alive that spring really is here. Thank you nature, from the bottom of my heart and the back of my closet.

How are you celebrating the arrival of spring?

Trench: Zara (thrifted)
Dress: Bebe
Shoes: Ziggi Soho


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE that print of the dress and the color of the coat!

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  3. I love the color of that jacket - I need a good trench coat like that!

  4. I love the print and beading detail of the dress!
    I will celebrate the arrival of spring by buying a top with some lace on it.

  5. Love the shoes and the dress is adorable.

  6. Beautiful color and trench.. Love this entire look.. i'm from Chicago and YES I am super excited that spring is arriving early this year :).. you look fabulous doll!!


  7. GORGEOUS coat and love that dress!


  8. I am in looove with that dress and it looks incredible with that coat!!!! I'm a Minnesotan and I couldn't be happier with this weather!!!! I was outside yesterday in a t-shirt and I looked at my husband and was like, this is odd, I like it, but it's just odd!!!! I can't wait to dig out all my spring duds :) Xo Lori

  9. You look amazing in that coat! Not that many people can pull off lime green!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  10. Love it all, especially the shoes! #fierce

  11. i i LOVE!you look awesome

  12. i love the shoes! & nooooo way did you find that trench at the thrift! & treasure find for sure!! im keeping my eyes peeled this week! lol

  13. the trench is so gorgeous! right on key with spring trends


  14. FABULOUS!!! Gimme that jacket...and those shoes.


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