Friday, March 9, 2012

Week In Review: News From The Fresh Factor and Beyond

1. I had an awesome time volunteering with The Campus Kitchens Project. It's a really cool program helping to feed folks in need and also preventing food from being wasted. Check it out to see if it's in your area or possibly start a program!

2. I have been waiting for this show to come on! I'm excited to watch "Styled by June". Usually I steer waaaayyy clear of any VH1 reality shows, but I love June Ambrose and I love watching behind the scenes stuff! Check the trailor for the show, will you be watching, too?

3.Speaking of behind the scenes - here's another look at an awesome lady for all you design lovers out there, Design Army's  co-founder Pum Lefebure. Check the article here.

4. Look of the Week: I'm loving Cassie's look here. Lo-ving! The blazer, leggings, and sneakers...everything is working for me:
Photo: TheYBF
And her shoes. I don't like them and I love them all at the same time.
BE&D shoes

5. Bonus Look of the Week: I don't feature men's looks here too often, but this one made me so endlessly happy! If you follow me on Pinterest you've seen it - but this was a feature on one of my super favorite men's style blogs, The Style Blogger. I just love everything about it! Check it here.

Photo: The Style Blogger

And with's the weekend! Hope your's is all maner of fantastic!


  1. Cassie can pull anything off I swear!


  2. I want those always look so damn good .

    I'm following you Kasidy..xoxo


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