Friday, March 30, 2012

Week in Review: News from The Fresh Factor and Beyond...

1.       This week on The Fresh Factor: Get Your Happy Back & Part 1 of a 3 parter! That’s almost 4 but more than 2! (I’m really good at math, ya’ll). 

2. featured the super cool Maya Lake – The owner of Boxing Kitten,  a label I happen to love! I wore a Boxing Kitten Skirt here – and aspire to own more pieces from the line. They’re unique and all kinds of fantastic. Get your Closet Envy on here.

   I stumbled upon a cornucopia of prettiness to look at this week

3.     This is the coolest lookbook ever  from none other than Rachel Zoe. I love Rachel Zoe. I want her to adopt me. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a 20-something kid, the hard work of parenting is already done! 

4.       In other eye-party news, this editorial for Flare April 2012 is wonderus. I love the intensity of the color, the movement, the prints, the styling - I could go on. Plus the colored hair makes me want to revisit the days when I had purple hair (yep I had purple hair, and I miss it).

Photo: Fashion Gone Rouge

5.       Look of the Week: There are 2.5 this week, which makes it looks of the week I suppose…sometimes I’m indecisive ok??

The first comes from Jennifer Lopez. Since I have her twice- 1 person x 2 looks/π (carry the 1) = 1.5 looks. (Math skills FTW!)
 She is always gorgeous, and I’m totally loving this bold neon thing she’s got going. Both looks pop, but are not overwhelming. Love. It. 
Photo: Fashion Mate                                                                      Photo: HipGirlie

 Second is June Ambrose. I love, love, love the print and the colors. Bold, but soft. The shoes are great. The bag is great. June is great. It’s all just great.
Photo: Stuff Fly People Like

6.       Bonus:
In other “pretty things to look at news,” since I dance, I teach dance, and love watching people dance - I think it’s safe to say, I really, really enjoy dance. I came across this really cool video of ballet dancers in slow motion. Their precision and flawless grace is just ridiculous. A treat for the eyes – enjoy!

So that's it party folks! I hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Omg I love rachel zoe! Shes such an inspiration, makes me wanna be a stylist so much! x

  2. I love the neon dress on Jennifer Lopez. :D

  3. June Ambrose...the definition of flyness! Yes, flyness is a word. LOL

  4. Wow love your article girl!! Very pro.

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