Monday, April 2, 2012

Art of the Gardening

The weather was so beautiful this weekend, I decided to head over to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. It's this great place in MN that holds the world famous (or at least state famous) "Spoonbridge and Cherry." Everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine and hanging out, being surrounded by Minneapolis spring in all it's glory and all the art the garden has to offer. In honor of the lovely day in the garden, I wore a garden-esque floral tank and got all lady-like with it. And by "in honor of the lovely day in the garden," I mean I happened to already be wearing this outfit when I decided to go there.

 The Sculpture Garden is awesome because most of the sculptures are interactive. You can stand on them, walk through them, and all kinds of coolness. So here I stand on one on a sunny, but slightly chilly and windy day. I thought the lettermans jacket was a nice touch - still lady-ish but with a bit of an unexpected touch.

The space I was in is a cool little place. It's meant to be used for a stage for performance and just somewhere to let your creative juices fly.

In the interest of that, I'm going to make up a little story for you all - full of adventure, intrigue, and general randomness. Please turn off all cell phones and enjoy the show:

There once was a girl. She looked a lot like me. She liked to stand places and stare off into space contemplating important things like how achieve world peace and what she was going to have for lunch later.

The she looked down and thought, "I've got it! The answer must be in my pocket! That's where everything usually is when I can't find it!"

I really was looking for my pocket here and could not find it. I wish I was making that up...

She searched and searched, high and low, near and far....or she just stood there looking perplexed because her pocket had gone missing (that sounds more realistic).

Confused, she completely forgot there was a camera there and just started talking in the middle of picture taken' and walking out of the frame (boy, this chick sounds a lot like me!).

And in the end, she opted to just going back to staring off into space, because that's what she's really good at doing. Conquering the world's problems would have to wait another day...however, in a wonderful twist, she did, in fact, figure out what she wanted for lunch...

The Minneapolis skyline from the garden

Wow, that had me on the edge of my seat!

Do you have a cool place in your city like this?

One to Three: Part 2 goes down next week! Catch Part 1 here.

Jacket: Forever 21
Tank/Watch: Heartbreaker
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelets: Thrifted/Places I don't remember


  1. I love the sculpture gardens! I haven't gone over there as much as I'd like, since I live and work in Saint Paul but I should make more of an effort! I love your outfit, especially that tank, so flipping cute! Xo Lori

  2. I just found your blog and I love that your post is at the sculpture garden! I was totally hoping to go there last weekend but didn't make it. Your outfit is super cute too!

  3. great scenery and you look good too

  4. Yes I have a cool place like this!! Living is St. Paul, I consider Minneapolis my city as well =D I have been loving this Spring weather that we've been having! It's been the best!

    You look very cute! Love the skirt and the shoes!

  5. I love your combination!! You look great:)



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