Thursday, April 5, 2012

Behind The Hustle

Hey there fantastic people! I wanted to share a favorite site of mine with you. If you've been hanging around for a while, you know I love behind the scenes stories and I love hearing how other creative folks got to where they are and what inspires them. In light of this, I bring you: Behind the Hustle.

This site has all kinds of goodies from all types of people in creative industries in their "Cool People With Cool Jobs" series. If you want to know about a particular career, head over there and just look around. It's a really cool way to explore what goes into different creative endeavors!

This video features super fresh (seriously, check out her stuff) jewelry designer Melody Ehsani, who was headed toward a career in law (even interning at the White House) before realizing her passion and taking a risk for it. Stories where people take risks and make drastic changes from the path they initially chose are my favorite!

Take a listen to her story, her awesome advice, her experience, and her general coolness:

Do you have any dreams that you want to take a risk for?

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