Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here we have me, dressed for sauntering down the street as my platforms meet leaves once a part of the areal landscape of the city perched high on branches- now existing as a tawny carpet covering sidewalks. The sun gleams, failing to heat the air as a brisk breeze gently carries the errant leaves from one place to another, as if they are trying to find the perfect place to rest before the cold winds and heavy snowflakes of winter threaten to take their place as the earth's covering.

Sounds like a lovely fall scene, no? 

One problem. It's freakin' spring!! Well supposedly, anyway. Nature kind of lied to us on this one. Oh, nature. You're rude.

I just got punked by the month of April.

Last month there were a rash of 70-80 degree days full of sunshine and blue skies. One might think that the closer actual spring gets, the warmer it would be or, at least, the weather would hold there. Well, one would be wrong. Just all types of wrong.

In between the 30 degree cloudy days, there would be a day when I did not have to dress like it was late fall. I got to dress like it was the middle of fall instead!

I bought this trench a couple of years ago figuring I'd get a lot of use out of it, and I have! Can't go wrong with a good trench people! I've been meaning to change the buttons on it, but I really loved the pop of color the sleeve lining lends to the coat.

Under the coat, I had on one of my fave things in my closet - a vintage blazer. I really like the muted tones and stripes.

Not to worry fantasticans, warm weather is back today - so perhaps I will stop complaining about it. Perhaps.

Has mother nature deceived you too? Come, let's share in each others pain.

Hat: Wet Seal
Trench: Express
Blazer: Vintage
Top: Heartbreaker
Skinnys: Express
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Forever 21


  1. I've been frustrated with mother nature lately too! I am so in love with your blazer, it all looks fab! :)

  2. love it all!

  3. What a great look! You look stunning. Love the shoes and the jacket!

  4. That blazer is awesome!! I have a weakness for beanies too :)

  5. CUTE :) the little write up is too funny and you are looking great as always! Love the trench! Xoxo linds of

  6. I love a pair of nude pumps...
    Sadly Im way too tall to rock some pumps, Im tooo scared! lol!
    You look super cute! You killed it ;)


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