Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Ways to Find Your Passion

As I get older (I’m not super old, but I’m old enough to know (some) stuff) I realize the importance of indulging in what I’m passionate about. Before, especially in college, I left some of the things that were in my heart – things I felt meant to do – for the goals others convinced me were “logical” and “responsible.” Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being logical and responsible. In fact, I recommend it, but have you ever felt like you were meant for something greater? Bigger? Or at least something more fun?

Some of us are fortunate enough to know exactly what those passions are, and that’s awesome (you guys get two  enthusiastic thumbs up)! Some of us always had an inkling, but we’re too timid to believe it could be done  (sheepishly raising my hand on this one). Some of us haven’t a clue what the heck we’re supposed to do. Well friends, here are a few things I’ve found helpful along the way, hope they spark your brain too!

1. Reminisce:  
I remember when I was in around 1st grade. My family lived in a tiny apartment, and to get my brother and I some physical activity my mom would take us down to the complex’s unimpressive exercise room (I think there was all of a trampoline and a NordicTrack in there.) And let us bounce and fake ski our little hearts out. The room also had a mirrored wall. I can remember taking my cassette player down there and making up dances to my favorite songs, which I would then entertain my mother and brother with (In other words I would make them watch. Hey you guys, you’re welcome). Making up those dances was something that gave me immense happiness. I moved away from dance for a while, but it was always a thread in my life. That’s a passion of mine.

Think back. Was there something you did when you were younger, something that you loved but for some reason got away from? What were your interests? Perhaps they have carried over, but you just have shoved them to the back of your mind because you don’t feel you have time for them. These could be a key to finding something you love to do. Granted, not every childhood dream may be feasible (As I’ve mentioned before, I was totally going to be a figure skating- astronaut -gymnast. Probably not real possible at this point) but there may be some great clues for you in the past. 

This woman remembered she enjoyed empty thought bubbles. What about you?

2. Daydream (BIG):
This is my go to advice for many things in life. I don’t think people give daydreams enough credit. Often I find if I just let my imagination run wild without constraints of logic or time – I stubble upon things I never consciously thought about. When you let your mind wander, are there recurring themes? Do certain things make your heart go a little faster or put a smile on your face without you realizing it? Don’t ignore those things! While you may not come up with exactly the answer (if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, chances are you selling out a concert venue in 22 seconds a la Beyonce’ may not happen) you can discover the areas you enjoy and find ways to use the talents you have to be involved in it.

 3. Get Annoyed:
Is there something in this world that really bugs you. Just annoys the ever-lovin’ goodness out of you every time you see/hear/smell/taste/feel it? Great! Why not be the solution? If something really gets your goat every time it happens, it’s because in some way or another it impassions you. How would you fix it or make it better? Do it! Perhaps you’ve been looking at the solution to the problem in the mirror all along – and chances you’ll feel amazing being able to be a positive force in the situation.

What makes you stop and say, "Oh no they didn't!"

4. Research:
So now you’ve done a lot of thinking about what you might possibly want to do, and you’ve come up with a few possible options. Super duper! Find someone who participates in your area of interest and offer to take them to coffee and ask them some questions. Google like you ‘ve never Goggled before and find out some more info. Scour YouTube for examples. Gain all of the knowledge you can to see if it really is something that tickles your fancy.  

5. Just Do It
Most of the time, we have an idea of something we might like to do or try, and then come up with 122,342,395 different reasons as to why we can’t do it. What if we threw all of those reasons  out the window (let’s be real, most of them probably aren’t even good ones…am I right??) and just went for it. What if you just tried something out…just to see how you felt about it? I have struggled with this in the past. I finally realized that simply trying something doesn’t make me bound to it. If you try it and don’t like it, fine! If you never go back to it that does not make you a failure, it actually makes you a resounding success because at least you were brave enough to try. So if  you’ve had dreams of being a cat psychologist all your life and you find out after the first day that getting into the psyche of a kitty is just too much for you, no worries! At least now you know and you won’t be left wondering every time you see a forlorn kitty wondering in an ally way.
Could this be you??
I hope these things help just a little bit. Here are some resources I find helpful, perhaps you will too :
Behind The Hustle                                           Two Hours To Change Your Life

Do you know what your passion is? How did you find it? How are you looking for it?

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