Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hope your having a fantastic week! I decided to celebrate the glorious weather and bright, sun-shinny days we've been having lately by rocking some brights myself. Though neon isn't found real commonly in nature, so it's a different kind of bright I suppose. Unless the sun is neon or something, I'm not sure as I try not to stare directly into it. I've heard that's a bad idea.

This is what I look like when I'm sitting on a rock - in case you were wondering.

When I'm rocking a particularly bold or interesting piece, I usually like to let it stand out. Simple t-shirt and jeans do the trick.  Plus it's a way to be colorful without being overwhelming. Though I'm just working black and white my accessories, lips, nails, and shoes cover quite the color spectrum.

The shoes made my heart happy as soon as I saw them. I love bright/neon colors as a rule (see header) - the fact that it has been a trend this spring makes me all manner of happy.

A few of my favorite accessories, new and old. The watch doesn't work, but I wear it anyway because I like it. Could I get the battery changed? Probably. But I don't. And I have no good reason - not a one. So if your watch happens to stop working - don't throw it away! It can now takes on a new life as a bracelet with numbers and such.

What have bright days inspired you to wear so far this spring? Do you load up on colors or keep it simple?

Sunglasses: Coach
T-Shirt/Bag: Target
Belt: Salvation Army
Jeans: Forever 21
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelets (l to r): H&M, Forever 21, gifted to me
Shoes: Aldo


  1. Love your shoes and the rest of your accessories!

  2. Those shoes are hawt! I like how you dressed up a simple tee.

  3. You are rocking those shoes, love them!
    Brooke @ what2wear,


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