Monday, May 14, 2012

Fresh Genes

As you may know, yesterday was Mother's Day. Shout out to all the mothers out there, I hope your day was wonderful! This post is dedicated to a favorite mom of mine - mostly because she is my mom. We've known each other for a while, so I'd like to think I know a bit about her.

 My mom is super great. She has taught me so much and been so patient with me when I'm hard-headed. She's been my bestie, but done an amazing job towing the line between friend and mother. She makes me laugh, listens to me cry, and lets me come to her house on the weekends and eat her food and go shopping in her refrigerator.

I wonder often if, when I have a family, I'll be as amazing of a mom to my kids as she's been to me. I know she's sacrificed a lot for my family - but she still manages to be a light to my brother, dad, and me our extended family. She's amazing. I love her. The end.

And now for some vintage photos of the woman who birthed me:

Not really sure why she's creeping in from the left over there but, as you can see, my mom is a total beauty. She was then and still manages to hold her hottie card to this day. Fingers crossed, I can do the same!

Outerwear FTW! Complete with a baby in a bucket! To be fair, I'm pretty sure it's an old-school car seat. However, I'm not convinced. That pudgy little thing in the baby bucket is me by the way.

Along with being beautiful, you can add snappy dresser to her list of awesomeness. She was rocking cap-toe heels and glorious 80's hair quite glamorously. Plus I would give my left sleeve to have that blazer now... fantastic.

I'm the baby being distracted by something random...clearly not much has changed.
I'm blessed to have such amazing parents (Dad, you're pretty fantastic too - more on that on Father's Day). My mom is one-of-a-kind and the most amazing lady I know.

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. ur mom is so beautiful and u look so much like her :)

  2. Very nice to make a post about mother's day!
    Mine was great too.

  3. How sweet! Your mom looks like a fashion model


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