Monday, May 7, 2012

One to Three: Part 3

Well it's finally here friends. The conclusion of One to Three. If you need a recap, you can check parts one and two. I wanted to do something a little different with my last bits of fabric, and for some reason the idea of sneakers just spoke to me. I figured it was time to get my flat shoe game right since I dance a lot and sometimes shoving tired feet into 4 inch pumps just doesn't work well. And so, I present to you:

One to Three: Sneakers / HSN: They Have Stuff / I Swear We're Just Friends!

 Since I started working with this fabric, I've seen it in my head paired with gray. I also had a vision of high top sneakers, so I said to myself, "Hey! Why don't I find some gray high-top sneakers?" And, I'm happy to say, myself listened. So the search began - high and low, near and far I searched (translation: I did a lot of Google-ing) until I found them in a somewhat unexpected place - HSN. It's not just for buying Ginsu Kinves (in case you need to chop a branch or log) at 2 a.m. and grandma jewelry ya'll. Who knew?

Paired with a little grey dress to let the shoes have their shine, I threw in my new favorite denim jacket and some of my favorite accessories to top it all off. Super casual.

For the shoes, I wanted to just add a little of the fabric in a couple key places. Since the pattern is bold, a little can go a long way, especially on something the size of a shoe. Not to say that I won't some day cover the rest of it, but for now I was happy with a touch of pattern.

Who's too cool for Keds? Clearly not me.

This is a The Fresh Factor sneakers...who woulda thunk it?? I'm realizing that it makes sense to have some of these in my shoe arsenal, even though it makes me fell like I'm cheating on my heels. Oh heels, it's not what it seems. I still love you. I promise the whole time I was wearing these I was thinking about you!

So there it is party peeps! Do you have a favorite creation of the three? Might you take some of these ideas and use them in your own fabulous way? Discuss below:

Jacket: Forever21
Dress: Kardashians for Bebe (long ago)
Shoes: Keds via HSN
Pin: Rachel Rachel Roy
Bracelets (in order l to r): H&M, Vintage, Forever21, Marc Jacobs (thrifted)


  1. Love those Keds!!! Cool arm candy!


  2. awwww i love the jacket and sneakers..those Keds are so cute.

  3. great arm candy! love it when people aren't afraid to pile it on!

  4. Honey you look so super sexy and the arm candy is incredible...!! LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  5. Lovely pin-jacket. Funky!


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