Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Heart out Here!

Happy Monday peeps! I hope your weekend was mighty fantastic!

I opted to enjoy the sunniness that was present in my two days off. Also present - temperatures above 90 degrees. I'm one who loves the ridiculously hot weather, so I didn't mind - white shorts and a kicky top helped me beat the heat! I didn't really beat it. I'm pretty sure it beat me, actually. By the end of the day I just laid out in my room with the air on, being completely unproductive. Yup...the heat won.

The black and white stripes interrupted by the dash of color on the heart and color are fun touches, but still keep the classic appeal.White shorts are quintessentially summer...this pair was a perfect find! Light fabric, not too short, not too long.

I'm not the type to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I will wear it on my chest. 

The sweetness of the shirt is cute, but to add a little edge I threw on this metallic bangle and some lattice strapped heels.

How did you beat the heat this weekend?

Top & Cuff: Forever 21
Shorts: Behind the Scenes Boutique
Shoes: Jessica Simpson


  1. You look super cute and love your shoes! (: xoxox

  2. You look fab! Love your shoes!


  3. This shirt is so cute! I love how the splash of pink interrupts the black and white stripes. Your shoes are sooo gorgeous!

  4. Wow,I like the outfit especially the shoes,good one doll


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