Monday, July 16, 2012

The Office

Trading the heels for high-tops

 A happy Monday to ya!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that besides being a blogger I also teach dance. Dance has always been a part of me and something that I absolutely love.The challenge of coming up with new choreography constantly and finding the best way to do physical justice to musical concepts is fun, exciting, creative, frustrating, tiresome and, in short, all types of awesome.

The Office:
It ain't much, but it's everything
If this were an episode of MTV Cribs, this is the point where I'd say, "And this is where all the magic happens..."

 There's nothing like putting in a hard day of creative energy and sweat to produce a vision - from picking the song to blocking the first steps - the whole process is work, but can also be quite cathartic at times. That's the thing about artistic work, it brings whatever is inside out for others to relate to and learn from. It's amazing how it can connect us across age, profession, or language in person or on a screen.

 I will be sharing some of my work with you all really soon, and I'm so excited!

To the rest of you artists (singers, dancers, painters, chefs, sculptors, writers, candlestick makers, macaroni necklace constructors, etc.)  or art enthusiasts out there:

What do you do and why? What do you love about it?


  1. I'm not an artist or in a creative field, but I work with people every day and I love it. I work in what's called Service Recovery. When a person is not happy, I step in and try to rectify that issue. I do what I can to restore their confidence. I have their best interest at heart and in mind at all times. I fight for them, and I truely believe that I am doing a good service. Most of the time I'm successful, and sometimes I'm not, but that moment when I am able to turn what once was negative into a positive makes me smile.

    1. That's awesome, and there is definitely an art to that! Putting another lens on a situation and looking at it from a different angle is what creativity is all about - kudos for making the world a better place :)

  2. Looking forward to your work... ;)

    1. Thanks lady! Can't wait to share!

  3. I write, even when it feels like it leads to nowhere, it leads me to somewhere. I love it because every time I do it, I instantly feel a burst of joy shower all over me. Even if I don't manage to become successful because of it, I'd still be happy because it's my art, my passion.

    S/N: Can't wait to see your work :)

    1. "...even when it feels like it leads to nowhere, it leads me to somewhere." I love that! That's so true or writing and the creative process. It's wonderful to have that thing that you do simply because you enjoy it. Keep writing! :)


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