Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Training Day Chic

Hey Party Peoples. I hope your interoduction to this new week was fantastical.

It's been slightly cool the last couple of days, so I broke out a jacket and a random assortment of clothing and somehow figured it went together...not sure how. I have acquired  a few pairs of sweat pants as of late. I haven't been much of a sweat pants girl in the past, but I'm beginning to dig it.

They're comfortable, you can go from sitting dormant to exercising or training for some sort of athletic event since you're already half dressed for it, and the best part is that when you go out to that favorite restaurant of yours and just can't put the fork down, the pants don't get any tighter since they are stretchy! (this is where you may want to go for that whole "from sitting dormant to spontaneous exercising thing. Just hit a couple jumping jacks next to the table.)

I decided to experiment with lounge wear as outer wear and a dress as a shirt and fake glasses as real ones. Ok, maybe not so much the last part, but the rest of it's true. I bought the pants a few sizes too big - I like when they give off a harem pant vibe.

I also like a monochromatic look with a bit of pattern and color. The hardness of the outfit contrasts with the softness of the floral print - as if to say, "I'm totally tough, but I'm also partial to teddy bears and rainbows."

What kinds of contrasts do you like to use in your wardrobe?

Also, if you're in the Twin Cities, I will be teaching a dance class (urban contemporary/hip hop) This Saturday (8/18) from 2-3 at Social Dance Studio! It's a beginning class so if you're curious, it's a good time to try it out! I just might be wearing these pants...multi-function FTW! 

Jacket: Old
Dress (worn as shirt): Forever 21
Pants: H&M
Ring: H&M
Glasses: The Icing
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (old)


  1. I love how you put the shoes with the outfit. I would have never thought to do that!


  2. Gorgeous! Love the shoes with the sweats, definitely something I would do :)


  3. i love the shirt and the shoes!
    look great!


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