Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Late - But Fashionably So

By this point, this is waayyy late. Like, way.

Late has been the theme in my life as of...well...late. I intended to get this post up yesterday (actually, a few yesterdays ago). However, I did not - obviously. I had the pleasure of attending the Behind The Scenes Boutique fashion show this past weekend - to which I was almost late. I went ahead and got into a fender-bender on the way to the show. Nothing serious, but Shango (that's my cars name. It's totally normal to name your car. Really. It is.) is now cosmetically challenged. It's unfortunate, but all in all I fared quite well - and although I was ridiculously late for the cocktail hour, I was able to find a spot around the makeshift runway and pop my lens cap of just in time...

Behind The Scenes Boutique hasn't been around the Twin Cities for long, but it is certainly a welcome addition to what is already a vibrant community of small, independent clothing retailers that make Minneapolis so fun to shop in. I rushed into an already lively scene as attendees became part of the environment - forming ourselves into a runway shape, sans platform. It was quite an intimate setting, which was nice. I caught many conversations floating above the dj-spun music about thoughts on each piece of the collection - a few of my favorites represented here:

Make up and Hair services were provided by the stores neighbor, Blast Blow Dry Bar - provided sleek, natural looks for the models. This was BTS's first fashion show, and I'd say it went well. As with any first attempt, there were hiccups (lags between looks, errant tags), but the light party atmosphere made up for it all.

The clothes range from office appropriate to those reserved for weekend wandering. There are trendy pieces, but also good basics that are good to have in any wardrobe.The pieces are quite versatile, which is one of the many strong points of the boutique. You will find many things that work from work day to happy hour. If you are looking for some pick-me-ups for your closet - this is a great first stop.

And no venture into Twin Cities nightlife would be complete without featuring some of the fashionable folk who attended:

Aquilla of , Mia Lynae, and Trelisha

Maree & Suzanne of STYL

Jessica, DJ Sota & Nellie

Erin McGillvray
Torih M Gillespie
Neda, Gina, and Keeya
Leanne Skar
Me and India!
India, the owner of Behind the Scenes is wonderful. If you have yet to stop in, I suggest you do so! It is a great space and wonderful addition to the rich urban style community.

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