Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Feet Hurt & Other Confessions of a Reluctent Style Blogger

The world of style blogging is a curious one. I should state, first, that I love style blogs. I follow - to borrow the slang of yesteryear - a grip of  them. I think we all like them for the same reasons - the endless inspiration, ideas, and hours of avoiding doing actual tasks that we don't feel like doing trying to figure out how our favorite blogger got that arm "party," "swag," or "candy" combo just right. The benefits go on and on.

I am, however, conflicted. I've never been all that comfortable hosting a website where I post pictures of myself so all of you people who have much more important things to do than look at me can, well, look at me. I'm not doing anything amazing, just wearing clothes - something we all do every day. Well hopefully you do it - at least when you leave the house. In any event, I continue, as I have for the last year or so. Posting some pics of my favorite looks and hoping you find it significant somehow. Hoping it adds something to you and your day instead of simply wasting your time.

At times I feel like a fashion blogging failure. I don't hip you to the latest trends - I find keeping up with  trends exhausting sometimes. I don't always feel like going to fashion shows. And every once in a while, danggit, those heels hurt my feet and I'd rather wear sneakers. Whew, glad I got that off my chest/mangled foot I've shoved into some random shoes.

My reluctance extended to sharing these thoughts. Mostly because I don't want anyone to think I'm not grateful for all of the support I've received and all the folks who spend some of their precious time here on a regular basis. I'm very appreciative of all of you and your comments, thoughts and follower-ship. You're amazing. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself how freakin' cool you are. Do it! (+ 6 cool points and +3 weird points if you actually do it. Don't worry, weird points are good. They're like cool points' older cousin who seems to have an awesome job, but no one knows exactly what it is.)

As the fabulous person we have already established you are, how do you feel about this? Is it weird that we have an entire community devoted to touting our own fashion sense. Is it vain? Frivolous? Or is it the same as having a site that boasts personal creativity in other ways - like if you design jewelry or knit afghans or make dioramas recreating significant historical events out of marshmallow peeps and string cheese?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. In the mean are some pictures....



  1. It's not weird for me. When I found that there was a community such as this out there, it made me excited.

    When I started doing it myself, I did it for me. To see my "style" evolve. To challenge myself. I didn't assume that there would be anyone looking at me, and like you I am thankful for all that do take that time out of their day.

    By becoming involved in the "personal style blog" community, I have come in contact with so many wonderful ladies from across the globe. I don't regret doing it for one second. I'm not a trendy person either, so I'm able to get style inspriation for everyday folks, not what magazines or celebrities say it should be.

    Thanks to blogging, I now find beauty in things that I normally wouldn't have. When I find myself being conflicted, I go back and read old posts to remember why I started in the first place.

    I also show outfits in gymshoes, t-shirt and jeans. Afterall, I am the mother of a 13 & 7 year old. Nobody believes that I live in heels =D

    PS, I got my +3 weird points. Thanks!

  2. I love this post, because I too as Ticka stated above began my blog as a "personal" goal of coming out of my shell a bit. I love to just be a viewer of others style, fashion, and it inspires me to keep trying new things. So don't feel like a blogger failure, we all have our bit we contribute to the blogger world :). Keep doing your part... it doesn't go un-noticed!!


  3. I have had the same thoughts myself lately. On the one hand it DOES seem extremely vain and frivolous. But it's also allowed me to explore an avenue that I might not have necessarily had the chance to explore in any other situation! And THAT'S cool! I mean really, how many situations can you think of before blogging where you were able to inspire, be inspired, and meet so many RANDOM people? high school? I think not lol.
    Love this post! :)

  4. I'm not a style blogger but I follow a few style blogs. I find life in them: inspiration in the pictures, a different view of the world through someone's style. Do it because you love it - it is not vain because your aren't doing it for fame - you are simply doing it because you love style and the arts.

  5. I agree with Kaleigh - I have grown in my style but also, I have met some amazing people and I think it's just as much about the community aspect to me than it is a "I take pictures of myself daily". I love having people that commiserate with me when it's a bad day/bad outfit or celebrate with me when it's a good day.

  6. I don't have a blog of my own but I love following fashion blogs. I have thought about it- it can seem vain to have a whole bunch of people people taking photos of themselves and talking about their style all the time. But, I love getting inspired by these bloggers. They inspire me to try new things. We should always be the best that we can be in all areas of our lives. One of those areas is how we dress. We should be confident in ourselves and not care what people think. We should just dress for ourselves knowing that we are beautiful and we don't have to be limit ourselves. We can be fabulous even if we are not like the models on the runway.

  7. So I'm entirely late but for one I think you should give yourself more credit. You are very trendy and have great style. Hell I'm 4 times bigger than you and I've got style inspiration from your blog! Secondly, while blogging can sometimes seem vain (I experience this myself) I think it does a lot for everyone. It allows us to read the minds of the "average joe" people who are like us. Your purpose or job so to speak is to provide the real world with affordable trendy fashion ideas. Every fashion art or comedy blog isn't appealing to everyone because the ideas are great but the fashion is nowhere near affordable or attainable. As you know, I'm on a blog as well. In the beginning, I thought "ok who really wants to read what I have to say?" But I've had some of our fans specifically tell me how a post "made their day." And that is what keeps me feeling my thoughts are valuable. So as a fan of this blog and your friend of course I'm saying...I love this blog...and keep bloggin! And yea heels do hurt...but they are so cute you just have to crunch your feet in them. I truly believe this is the woman's curse. Forget childbirth! LOL It's the need to where cute heels that really causes true pain LMAO!


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