Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Win - Win

I totally looked both ways before I crossed/stood in the middle of the street. Safety first.

I like fall. Though here it gets stupid cold pretty quick, we have those few weeks where a simple jacket will suffice. Granted, the next day there will probably be 3 ft. of snow, but we live for the moment 'round here. I love a good jacket or blazer. They make me happy. And warm. Which also makes me happy. Win - motha'- lovin'- Win.

I've been in the mood to mix patterns lately, so that's what I did. See...look:

My rule of thumb (or whatever phalanges you prefer) is that there have to be two common colors of the pieces you are mixing. You may prefer one color. Or none colors. It's your world.

Head wraps are also nice for  fall. They keep your head warm and you don't have to do your hair. Win - ever-lovin'-Win.

Quite unintentionally, virtually this whole ensemble is courtesy of H&M - Head scarf, jacket, top, pants. Yup. All that. One stop shopping is great though. Do you know what I call that? Convinient.

Just kidding - it's a Win - friggin' - awesome - Win.

The shoes are Sam Edleman, Earrings - Bebe, Bracelet - vintage.

What are your style win-wins?


  1. Kasidy looking good !!! love the pants and shoes !!!

  2. I really like the pop of color in those shoes great outfit!

  3. You look lovely, love the head piece and those pants are amazing!



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