Monday, February 4, 2013

New(ish) Year

Taking a look back is good, but only if you know for sure there's nothing to run into in front of you. I mean that literally.  I run into stuff way too often.
Soooo it's a little - a lot late for this, but happy New Year! How long can you say that? If I haven't seen someone yet in 2013 and I run into them in October, does it still count? It does, right? It does. I just made it a thing.

New beginning are always a great thing. We human kind folk seem to really like markers in time to try life again. New years, new months, birthdays, half birthdays, day light savings time (I'm making that a thing, too)... a chance to start fresh with a new perspective is always a welcome occurrence. That's the key I think, the perspective. A plan for newness isn't anything without the proper outlook. Resolutions are fancy - but if one doesn't have a grasp on how those things fit in relation to the rest of life; where they have been, where they are now, and where they may want to go in the future and why - it's all just kind of moo(t).

And so, here's to being awesome, to doing awesome things, and having a fresh perspective. I'm looking forward to that, for me and for you. Because, let's face it, you are pretty friggin' cool and cool people do cool things. Go get 'em!

What's your new outlook for the year?

Shrit: H&M
Jeans: Express
Necklace: Bebe
Shoes: Aldo


  1. You are my favorite ever for referencing Joey's Moo point from Friends. I love it.

    And yes, you can still say Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you!

  2. You look amazing and that is a great top.

  3. Totally jacking this outfit idea somehow. When I finally get it....I will take a picture and send. The end. LOL!

    Hmmm...what's my new outlook for this year...I'm trying to grasp the notion that "things don't always go as planned." Sounds super cliche, but what got me down for most of 2012 was not being able to accept that. I was stuck on the way things were "supposed" to be and they never worked that way so that frustrated me. This year, I'm going to work on a "go with the flow" approach. As far as this relates to fashion...I realized...I have a TON of shoes I have not I'm going to set a goal to put my shoe addiction to work and start wearing them. Look for me in the same black outfit on FB/Instagram with 10 different pairs of shoes and matching accessories! LOL

  4. Love this outfit and that shirt, so following you. Hope you do the same.
    xoxoxo Jules.

  5. you look great,xo

  6. Welcome back and happy new year. Outfit is tres cute.

  7. lovely outfit, that top is gorgeous

    Adaora x

  8. I love how you put things together, so inspiring :)
    check my blog out, just new xoxo


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