Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Weekender: #MPLS + Video

Wow,  this is the third The Weekender post in as many weeks. It's beginning to look like I live a fast-paced and exciting life - heck, I'm even starting to believe it! Back to outfit posts very, very soon(!) - but I like to share some awesomeness with you every once in a while instead of just my face, so please enjoy the following:

I am fortunate enough to have awesomely talented friends. This weekend I went to see them play as the newly minted band, #MPLS (formally "Boombox") at CD release party for New Sound Underground (who are phenomenal, by the way. Check 'em out and let your ears be happy).

#MPLS (or as I sometimes sound it out in my head, "mmmmpppllllsss") is an 8 person powerhouse of full-bodied, melodious vocals; MC-ing that is equal parts effortless and dexterous; guitarists and a bassist that navigate their instruments with near athletic precision; soulfully cunning keys, and savvy percussion that seems to find the pocket within the pocket. They blend hip hop, soul, funk, and r&b without missing a beat (literally or figuratively).

I say all of that to say - these people are good ya'll. Like, really good. They didn't pay me to say that or anything (although, if you guys are reading, you can pay me if you want. I take cash, credit, or cupcakes). In fact, they didn't even ask me to write this - I asked them if I could. I adore good music and,  if it wasn't already obvious, I'm a fan.

The high energy of the entire set spilled off stage and into the crowd, much of whom I gathered hadn't heard #MPLS before, but by the end they were believers. It was fast, but evenly paced. Sometimes with shorter sets, songs tend to blend together, but each one was distinct without seeming out of place. The lyrics, melodies, breakdowns (and one ridiculously amazing guitar solo) kept it interesting for the ear and the natural zeal of the band kept the whole audience engaged. Good stuff.

And, because I love ya, I've found some great video from one of the high lights of the night - when Felix of Heiruspecs graced the stage with #MPLS. If you are intrigued, check out their Facebook page to see where they're performing (This weekend!).

Video: HeliumDolphin

Whelp, there you have it friends. I'll get you an outfit post later in the week, but that's all the dopeness on tap for today!

Tell me your thoughts and let me know some of your favorite people to see live below!!


  1. How do you find out about these events? I live in Mmmmmpppllllsss and would love to go to hiphop shows.

    1. Facebook is my bestie. (Aww that sounds really sad...just kidding!)But seriously, I find out a lot from FB just by stumbling upon random events from friends. Randomly checking venue calendars. I tweet about things when I can so you can follow there. Keep your ear to them streets...those are all the tips I have haha.


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