Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A is for Talent: Ashley Commodore

Okay, so "talent" doesn't technically start with an "A." And by "technically" I mean it doesn't at all according to phonics, Webster, or any other dictionary anywhere. But you know what does start with an A? Ashley. Ashley Commodore to be exact - and, as one of the front women of the amazing band #MPLS (also profiled here with video)  - this chick is all abounding with talent and awesome (which also starts with "a" if you're keeping track).  Click the jump for more and to find out where to find #MPLS this Saturday night! :

This fantastic chica comes from a musical family, but wasn't always brave enough to sing. According to her, it wasn't until her brother got the idea to form a band that she decided to really go for it. I, for one, am glad she did. (I'm a fan - just in case you could not tell.) I was surprised at her admission of shyness -  I think that's what really impacted me the most. It never occurred to me that she would be shy or doubt herself. When she's on stage "talking crazy" as she describes it and engaging the audience, she seems so confident. So powerful. It's pretty dope to watch.

Ashley describes her style as "Funky, eclectic, and comfortable." All eveident here as she wears these funky leggings - balancing them out with an easy-fitting white blouse and casual sneaker wedges.  

She cites over-thinking as a bad habit she is trying to break. I think many of us can probably identify with that. It's one of those things where you start out thinking something like, "man, maybe I should switch careers. Should I switch careers? I should go back to school. I'm gonna need to pay for school! I could sell things! What can I make? I used to make friendship bracelets - everyone loves those! I'm gonna need to buy materials - OMG where am I gonna get emm?? Beads!? Fasteners?! Widgets?!" And before you know it in a tired fit after a sleepless night of over thinking you emerge from your haze only to discover you've spent your life savings on string and tried to register the trademark for "Buddy Bands" which is totally already taken and now your tired and broke and drying your tears with spools of multi-colored yarn.

I digress - as much as over-thinking may be a hurdle for Ms Commodore, what she may loose in sleep she makes up for in talent, feisty-ness, and cool-atude (which you also will not find in a dictionary, but still a legit word as far as I'm concerned).

So, in conclusion, we have learned a few things:
- Ashley and awesome start with "A". "Talent" does not, but she's got plenty.
-Ashley Commodore is a singer in a great band that overcame shyness to bless us with her strong and confident vocal prowess.
-Don't try to trademark Buddy Bands.

Lastly - to hear Ashely and the rest of the #MPLS crew - head on over to the Icehouse this Saturday night at 11p.m.. I can promise you a great show. Just go and tell 'em K.Mo sent you. It will not get you anything. You're welcome.

What kinds of obstacles have you had to overcome to do what you love?

Blouse: American Rag via Macys
Leggings: Target
Sneakers: Rainbow
Hair: Her Scalp (haha) 

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