Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shy Not Shy: Christy Singvong

I got a chance to sit down with Christy Singvong, founder and designer of women's ready to wear line - SVG Collection, for a relaxed conversation at a local cafĂ©. Besides being stylish, quiet, and admittedly shy – Christy is a trooper. She smiled through 15 or so minutes of my camera snapping away while I made lame jokes (they’re the only kind I know how to make) and she answered a bunch of questions (her first interview) while overcoming her apparent discomfort in front of the camera on a cold, gloomy Minneapolis day. It was one of those what do I usually do with my hands??! moments that can befall even the most deserving in-front-of the-lenses newbie. Though she was nowhere near that awkward – I could see that, despite having all of the talent, vision, and possibility in the world – this young 20 something hasn’t found her stride in the “public eye” of it all yet. She will. She should – because with determination like hers she has no choice but to succeed. Read on...K?

Christy started designing in high school – though her first encounter with it was when her mother bought a 10 year-old lil' Christy a sewing machine and, thus, a Burberry shirt met a stylish, albeit, deconstructed end. Though she describes herself as shy – I would venture to add brave as well – two words that don’t often exist together. After finding out the first fashion program was not for her, Singvong , who was also briefly in school for nursing, left her program to find the right fashion fit for her – which she has with her current course of study. After being discouraged and taking a year off from fashion completely, she has come back stronger than ever – relying on a network of supporters to help her keep going. So many times we want to do the comfortable thing – but Christy seems to be ok with carving out her own path, even if it is unconventional. Many people don’t see the value in creative careers – but that doesn’t stop her. 

Our conversation turns more toward her work and inspiration. Her work, as she describes as feminine, dainty, and whimsical; is also ever evolving. Noting that her upcoming fall 2014 collection is black, leather, edgy, but girly – her clothes are as concisely diverse as the people she wants to wear them – everyday girls, as she calls her perspective clients. No one girl enters her mind as she designs, it’s more about how can as many girls as possible style her work to suit their own look and attitude. Cool approach, no?

It was such a refreshing conversation. I only recorded 30 minutes of it in order to recall all of the gems that were said, but we ended up talking for a couple of hours. I learned that we have ran in a few of the same circles and that we share many of the same frustrations. I learned that we share the same penchant for staring off into space and being easily distracted mid-sentence (but it’s part of our creative process – so it’s fine), and I learned that it is horrible to listen to your own recorded voice for 30 minutes. Horrible. Bad. And horrible.

As far as actual useful things learned, however, although the entire time spent talking with Christy was interesting, I was mostly impressed by the way she answered one question in particular: What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far? “You can’t take everyone’s criticism to heart,” she says, “Not everyone thinks the way you think. Not everyone sees and accepts your vision. Either you show it and prove people wrong or back away from your ideas. I’ve decided I want to show people something…” She may be shy and her designs may be dainty, but her spirit, certainly, is not.

You can find out more about SVG Collection at Check back for the lookbook dropping in a couple of weeks and keep an eye peeled for the Fall 2014 line due out this spring! 

Dress/Jacket/Tights: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Target
Scarf: Gift
 What's an important life lesson you have learned thus far?


  1. thanks for sharing her story, I love hearing these kinds of stories to stay motivated and I'll definitely be taking a look at her clothes, her outfit by the way is stellar!
    Deejay Speaks

    1. So glad you like it! Good to hear feedback - I will keep 'em coming :)


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