Thursday, December 5, 2013

Confessions of an Over-Committer

My "I love what I'm doing. I'm doing too much. I wanna cry. But I'm really excited. Someone help me. But Yaayy!" Face
There has been a whirlwind of over commitment in my life as of late. Does this happen to you: You are hungry for opportunities to do what you love, to work in your art – and then before you can say, “No sleep til 2014” you have said “yes” to everything everyone has asked you to do? “Will you choreography for this? Will you dance in that? Will you perform this night? Will you stand on your head and count to 10? Will you teach all of these children how to underwater basket weave?” I haven't quite mastered the basket weaving yet - but that's not the problem. Read on and lend your helpfulness ...

 I have said yes to a lot, simply because I’m so passionate about what I do that it’s hard to turn down opportunities. It is especially difficult when you get the chance to work with people you admire and to benefit what you feel is the greater good. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of it all that I realized just how much I’d agreed to do and just had to resign to the fact that I will sleep again sometime after Christmas.

This seems to be a season where a lot is asked of people, whether it’s work or artistic commitments, family or friends seeking your time. There are pies to bake, presents to buy, parties to attend, goals to complete, deadlines to meet, family to greet and meals to eat (Rhyming. Boom).
And so, my Fresh Friends and fellow artists, my question is this: how do you decipher what goes at the top of your list when all opportunities are good ones? When do you say, “Yes I will taste test all of these cheesecakes, but no, I cannot test-fly your unicorn” (because those both sound like dope opportunities). 

What say you Freshingtons? What advice do you have for one another (and my next year self. 2013 is already a wrap – No one can save me from myself for this year)? Leave it below:


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  1. Pace yourself and keep up the positve tude, it suits you quite well.

  2. When you figure this out, please tell me. Truly, I would eat the cheesecakes on the darn unicorn flight. I just go until I burn out--not really healthy, but things get done. My boyfriend tells me to have integrity: if I can't do it/make it/show up for it, just say NO. Know your limits and stay connected for opportunities to fit at the right time.


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