Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fresh 5: A Look Back

Well folks, it's over. 2013 has come and will officially leave us at 12 a.m. I'm a sucker for new beginnings. I like markers - things or events that make a clear distinction between where I was and where I will go. Though New Years Day does not magically erase all of 2013's mistakes or failures, what it does is provide an impetus to look back, take stock of the the year behind you - not just to rehash what went wrong or right, but to truly understand why what happened occurred and, through this understanding make the appropriate choices for the upcoming 365.

The day may not be a magic eraser, but it can be a catalyst for change. Use the momentum towards the positive. To rededicate, to refocus, to rectify, and other "r" words that fit here. In the spirit of reflecting - let us reflect on 5 of my favs from the past year:


Local Design: Visit Original Post Here 
I always like wearing local designers. It was particularly cool to do it in this location - it's one of those places that remind me why I like this city. And you guys really dug my choice of boots, so thanks! I dig you guys, too!


On the Edge: View Original Post Here
I still adore this jacket. It was my birthday freak-out present to myself. My favorite thing about this post, though, is the encouraging words offered. I love when I get to hear from others and love it when you share your perspective with the rest of us. Keep it comin' in 2014 -K??


"A" is for Talent: Ashley Commodore: View Original Post Here
One of my favorite things this year was that I got to share some really dope, talented people with you. You all really dug Ms Ashley Commodore of MPLS and what she had to say about her art and style. I got to share some other amazing people with you, too. I even let a boy in (ewww, cooties).


Create: View Original Post Here
Do you ever have those days where you just dig you're vibe? This was one of them for me. I loved all the pieces I was wearing, and I felt confident. It reminds me that I need to have those days more often. Let's all dig ourselves a little more this year, shall we?


It's My Blorthday!: View Original Post Here
We celebrated 2 years of freshness this year! Doing this blog has been awesome and I hope to make it even awesomer (yep) in the next 365. Thanks for making this year fantastic and I wish you fantasticalness (yep) abounding in the next one to come!

Did I miss something? What was your favorite Fresh Factor Post? More importantly, what was your favorite 2013 moment in your own life?

Happy New Year!!!

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