Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Epic: Chic Outerwear Tips

Looking off into the distance, dreaming of warmer days. Or of sandwiches - because I was really hungry there. Can't remember.

When you live somewhere where it is cold for most of the year, you've got to have some epic outerwear because you have to don it for 5-7 months straight. Yep, most of the year it's cold and snowy and outside makes you sad and you cry and your tears freeze and then you cry on the inside and you don't stop until April unless it's still snowing and then you do the ugly cry where your bottom lip quivers as you look out the window and curse Old Man Winter and shake your fist at the sky and then you look crazy because you're a weirdo standing outside in the snow waving your fist in the air crying. So clearly, you need a good coat. If you have to go through all of that you might as well wear something that helps keep your teary insides warm and somewhat happy - even if superficially so. Details to follow..

My suggestion if you need a coat to get you through these tough times, look for something that can skew dressy as well as casual. Something that can go easily with a pair of dress pants or skinnys. This particular coat has a classic shape, but carries a bit of visual interest with the mixed media, faux leather sleeves, asymmetrical closure, the nice shade of blue, and the zippers. I can easily do a tee or a blouse and feel relaxed or fancy.  By keeping the shape simple - you can use the details and color to give it a little extra awesome. Winter is drab enough - your coat doesn't have to be.

One other cold weather pro tip - some days it's too cold to be cute, reserve your fantasticness for appropriately cold days. Once you start dropping into those single digits - go ahead and bust out that mountain climber coat that makes you look like a marshmallow/trash bag hybrid. At the very least, bring it with you and stash it in the trunk if the weather gets real.  No one wants to wear that coat, and there are more visually palatable options - but when the temp starts reading -10° you don't mind so much. Trust me on this.

White in the winter is a bit tricky as well. Wearing gleaming white from head to toe doesn't really work - but the pants have enough black to tone them down a bit. At least I think they work. And I like 'em. Sooo...yeah.

What are your interesting outerwear tips for cold weather climates?

Necklace - H&M
Tee - Song of Style for eLUXE
Jeans - Express
Shoes - Aldo (old)
Coat - Calvin Klein 


  1. Great look! I miss cold weather. All my fall/winter clothes are back home in Chicago. I'm living abroad in Asia for couple years and it's always hot and humid. *sigh* I miss layering clothes. Love the jacket. Lucky you. Great look =)


  2. Cute! Love the pants and the faux leather detailing on the CK coat.


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