Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to create a Vision Board (No Surfbooord)

Resolution Smesoloution! (what?). There is a lot of talk at this time about New Year's resolutions and about how long the average person keeps said resolution (not long) and what these resolutions should be. If you follow me on Instagram (which you totes should. I’m aware the term ‘totes’ was abandoned in the latter part of 2013, but I ya know, whateverrr) you saw my post about creating my vision board. I prefer to really think out my year – not just about what I want to accomplish it – but how I will do so and what it will take to get there. I like to consider what and who will motivate me as well as what I want the end result to look like. I also like pictures because I’m a visual person and, also, who doesn’t like pictures!! Take a peak at what's on it and maybe get a few ideas for yours:

So there are a few components to my vision board (which I now read/sing in my head as "vision-booord" and now you will too. Thanks Beyonce). I have the things I want to concentrate on for the year. This blog is obviously very important as it sits at the top, along with the montra I created for those who read the words I post on my little space in the interwebz. I want to keep in mind what the purpose is and what I want it to encourage people to do. This is why I also have the blog's mission statement in there - amidst pictures of people and companies I admire/want to work with one day - to remind myself that what I do is important and belongs in among the ranks of the high accomplished. The purpose of the pictures is not to be like said people - but to be motivated by their accomplishments and know that I can get to my own level of accomplishment in my own way. What I do is worth being in their company.    I do the board, not based on where I am, but where I will be.
I like to call this section "Mission  Booord"

I also included a couple things to remind me that my art is important. It's who I am, it's what I love, and that's as valid as anything else. I remind myself that I should take risks and not apologize for them. For a long time I let people make me feel like just because it wasn't an academic pursuit, my passions were not valid. I don't do that anymore. I hope you don't either.  Also - according to this, I have super powers. And if it's on this random piece of paper in colorful font, it must be true. Salsera win.

My faith keeps me the most grounded. Without that, nothing else would really matter. So that is a big part of the board. I also love a good interior - instead of puppies or kids or fake pictures of beaches - I usually have some amazing interior as a screen saver. I have a goal of moving somewhere where I have space for an amazing office and a super cool interior. The pics keep my goal front and center. 
"Room 'n' Booord"

I also like to leave room for reminders and things that pop up along the way. So there's space for writing and whatnot. As you can see, I have very important reminders. This is pretty much my daily task list in some way, shape, or form.
"Do 'n' Booord"

The last component is a list tacked to the bottom. It is my vision for what I want to acomplish during the year and what steps I want to take in order to make it happen. Each goal is split up by category (blog, dance, personal, financial, spiritual, etc.) and steps are bullet-pointed and sub bullet-pointed underneath.
 The problem with most resolutions is that we make grand goals - lose 20 lbs, start a business, cure face blindness, build a moat - but we never think about the specific things that have to happen in between (I mean, what if you want to build the moat, but you didn't research which bobcat was best for digging moats and now you don't know where to get one?! Problem.). Realizing that specific steps can change and deadlines can be flexible - I listed out the big things I would like to happen and what I think it will take to get there. I hung the board right in front of my bed so I see it when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Motivation for the mind, ya dig? 
"All -a- Booord"

That's it my friends. Do you do something like this or does your list of resolutions work just fine? What do you include on your vision board? Let me know in the comments below. (Rhyme win).


  1. Your vision board looks great! I do this every year.

  2. Love resolution is to have a vision board for next year, lol.


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