Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Weekender: Winter Freeze 3 (with video)

So, now that it's almost this weekend, let's talk about last weekend...because, you know, that makes sense somehow. Anyway, you know how this goes. Check the weekend activities inside:

I love having weekends filled with artistic indulgences. This Saturday I was able to do just that. After taking a samba class (although my outfit was a lot different than the actual samba outfits - being that there was fabric covering my business and all) I geared up for one of my favorite things in the world - a jam.

I attended Winter Freeze 3 - a crew vs. crew bboy/bgirl battle of dopeness. Not much to say about it, except shout out to Break Cops for making the final round and Optimistic for taking the W. Scroll for video of how it went down.

The moment right before the final battle went down:

And then, dopeness ensued - sorry about the first 5 seconds ya'll. After that it gets gooder.

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