Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Look Like You're Not Trying (Note: It only requires a little trying)

What? I always stand like this.

Happy polar vortex everyone! I know it's only Feburary, but I believe we can safely say this is the most over-used phrase of young, burgeoning 2014. I never want to hear it again. Never-ever-no-more. Now that that's out of the way, let's turn our attention to issue at hand. The whole thing about style is that it is effortless. Your personal style is yours because it's you. Did you follow that? There are, of course, some instances that require some effort on your part - but your day to day should be pretty intuitive. The trick to dressing like you're not trying is to try a little. This also works in life. Let's discuss, friends:

I just effortlessly stand around like this all the time with my effortless thumb in my effortless pocket.

For me, dressing isn't always fantastically easy. I don't stand in the threshold of my closet, arms raised, while forest creatures enter my window singing their nature songs and dress me before I float out of my apartment on a cloud of style dust. (I don't know what style dust is - but I want some.)  I have days when I try to be extra (which, by all means, have days where you try something unusual for you just to see if it works because, you know...why not?). But mostly I do what feels right. I had a phase where I was super girly, some of the evidence of which lives in these archives if you go back far enough...but I had to realize that that just wasn't me, and be okay with it.

 This outfit is one that could be called "effortless." It's put together, simple enough and relaxed.  But hey, I put some thought into it. The t-shirt is one of my favorite things evarrr! I don't recommend spending a lot of money on a single, basic tee - but this one is so soft, and the fit is so relaxed and wonderful, it was totally worth it. The jacket and jeans are basic enough as well.

The shoes and necklace add a little something extra - details of interest, if you will. Though this is not complicated and isn't fashion forward, I like the little pieces that bump it up a notch. It's an outfit that says, "hey, I didn't really try with this." But I totally did - maybe not a lot, but it still counts, ok?

Recently I find my endeavors in life to be the same way. Typically, when I'm trying to hard to accomplish something or be something - it is so exhausting that I rarely get anything done. I have those afore mentioned "standing at the threshold of my closet moments" that do nothing but frustrate me.  It's not until I relax and really figure out what feels 'right' to me - that which comes most naturally - that I really excel. I've had situations where I tried to be something or do something that looked like someone else because I admired what they did or found value in it - but it was So.Much.Work. y'all. When I quit worrying about everything else and just did what I felt, weather it's how I dance, teach, dress - it's a better fit and expending a little effort in that space yields a much  bigger result. Your calling/talent/style is yours and only yours. Once you are comfortable in it - even if it doesn't look like someone else's - life tends to go much smoother. Or...more smoothly. Eh...grammar.

What do you think? Have you had this experience - trying too hard at something before finding what comes naturally? Also, what are your tips for effortless style? Share...mmmkay?

Jacket/Jeans: H&M
Tee: Ark & Co. via Cliche
Necklace: Larissa Loden via Cliche
Shoes: Rachel Roy

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