Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seasonal Change

Well friends, it's finally hot outside. Like, real life hot! I didn't think it could happen. But I'm glad for the change in weather, along with which came a change in wardrobe. I traded in my heels for some sneaks - kind of a rarity, but change is good. Right?  Let's discuss...

All this change talk is apparently giving me a headache.

Sometimes in life we are faced with a season in which we know that change is inevitable. The time is now. It must be done. And it's terrifying. You've been climbing up the ladder for some time and have inched your way out to the edge of the diving board - but now that you're there, and you can't stay there forever. At some point you have to jump - which I don't like because I don't like to swim. I'm more of the floss by the pool - get your big toe wet type. Maybe chill with my water wings. Do they have designer water wings? I want some. I feel I've gone of track here...where were we....oh, yes... jumping....change..yes...ok...

It's scary, ya'll...but necessary. Sometimes I think we (and by "we" I mean, I...and probably you. Unless you have it all together, in which case you should start a blog. I'd read it.) forget that change doesn't mean the choice we've made is permanent. The decision itself can be so daunting because we feel like whatever it is has to make sense for the next 1 or 5 or 10 years. And it might. But if it doesn't - we are not static beings. One change may warrant another, and another, and another, until one day we look up and find ourselves exactly where we never expected to be, which is exactly the right spot. You know...until it's time for another change.

The Nets are my team! And by "my team" I mean all I know about the team is that they make nice hats.

A change in life requires putting on a new mindset. Just like a change of season requires a change in wardrobe. It's nice to finally be able to feel the sun again, so I opted for a simple skater dress and, wanting to keep it casual, one of my favorite pairs of sneakers. If I wear flat shoes, the have to be dope. I usually like them to have unique features, so the dress was a great canvas. A snapback also keeps things a bit sportier...balancing the girly and the not so girly.

In the face of big change, the mindset I am putting on is one of allowing life to come as it is, crossing bridges when I get to them, accepting that even if the change doesn't turn out to be ideal - there's always room to make a different decision later, and I vow to keep my freakouts about it all to a minimum. Well, that last one is not likely...I might change it. See! It's begun already.

Now it's your turn, how do you deal with big change? What's your best advice?? Go!

Photos: Eric Pegues

Hat: Mitchell and Ness via Zumiez
Bracelet: Rastaclat
Rings/Necklace: Aldo 
Dress: American Apparel
Shoes: Jordan AJ 1 Skinny High via Studiiyo23


  1. The season change has been very welcomed!! Even though we had very little Spring in the wonderful state of MN, Summer is beautiful and sorely missed. I deal with change mostly by going accepting that change is the only constant. I've trained myself to think that way. Works for me! You look super cute! I love a good dress with gymshoes! :)

  2. Keep at it :-)!


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