Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Doing the Most

Do you know that sometimes I have to go back and read past posts to remember what I write like? This is what happens at times like these. My mind is all a-jumble, friends. Up is down and left is right and west is...well, I'm never sure where west is. I have a really bad sense of direction. I'm the type who will go into a building and then forget how to get out. I even had a dream about it last night - I was driving my performance team to a gig and got us lost and everyone was all, "Umm it's 1:58 a.m! The place closes at 2!" and I was all, "relax...I'll use my ...GPS. Ah dang...we're not even in the right city ya'll..." and they were all..."ughh!" It was gripping. They'll probably turn it into a Lifetime biopic or something. Anyway, now that I've wasted a bit of your time, allow me to continue on with something a little more productive...

When I'm in a particularly busy season, where there's no time for a break, sometimes I go on auto pilot. Late nights, early mornings, full afternoons and busy evenings. However, after a while, I start to notice that, for as busy as I feel, I sure don't have much to show for it. So what do I do in response? Work harder, of course. Anndd then the cycle repeats itself Does this happen to you?

Because apparently my thumb and pinky are just too cool for pockets.

Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with being busy, but sometimes I forget that a legitimately helpful tactic in making my business productive is a different "b" word. No, not that one. Not that one either. It's "balance." And the best way to feel balance is to take an off day, which is probably the most counter-intuitive way to be productive. I encourage you to have some time purposely built into your schedule to be low-key, to read, to pray, to sleep, and generally practice nothingness and recharge. For creative and motivated folks like you and I, it takes a concerted effort to not fill any perceived free time with whatever there is to accomplish, but your mind and body will be better and stronger for it - so you can get back to doing the most and actually being effective.

Is it a smile? Is it a frown with an identity crisis? Apparently my face is also too busy to figure itself out...

Moving on to the 'fit...the minute I saw these pants I had heart palpitations. I love the colors, I love that they are sporty, I love that they are pants. If I wear something with a really interesting pattern or design, sometimes I like to mix and match patterns/colors, but for the most part, I like to balance it with something very basic. So I paired them with a basic crop and some heels with a little visual interest, but since they are solid in tone, they don't take away from what's already happening in the pant.

Well folks, here's hoping you are taking some time out of the day for yourselves to slow down and to thrive in the balance of it all. After all, you can only affect positivity and wellness in the lives of others if you are well.

So what do you do when it's necessary to find a balance? Do tell. 

Crop: H&M
Jewelry: Express
Pants: via Cliche'
Shoes: BCBGeneration

Photo Credit: Eric P!

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  1. You are hilarious. I too have a hard time with directions. I still get lost getting to the airport here. Love your pants, and well you already know how I feel about your shoe game! :p


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