Monday, August 25, 2014

Modesty, Honestly

Summer is winding down already and the 400° + days (#hyperbole) (can you hashtag a blog post??)  are swiftly coming to an end. Dressing for those can be a challenge. All you really want to wear is nothing, but that's not allowed most places. Also, you should wear clothes in public...always, just because. I got into a conversation the other day about this and the concept of modesty. How do you balance wanting to be comfortable, being comfortable showing some skin, but not over-doing it, which, really, is a fluid concept depending on how/where you grew up. An interesting discussion, I think. Let's get into it after the jump: 

I had this discussion with my mother. We predictably have slightly different takes on the subject. Her  version of "too much" is different than mine. These shorts would have her giving me a real hard side-eye. You know the one. The one that makes you feel like you still just might get a whoopin...even though you're super grown....yeah, that one. I, personally, am comfortable with this, givin that I'm shellin' out a good amount of thigh, but I feel comfortable with the shirt tied around my waist - it's cute, allows me to play with pattern, and prevents any extra exposure of the hind quarters. I draw the line at cheekin' ya'll ....

As a young woman of faith who is fairly modest, I think, but also proud of/comfortable (most days) with her body, I'm conflicted on where to draw the line sometimes. I don't want to offend anyone, but most importantly, I want to present an accurate image of myself that is complementary to my character, to all that I believe in, and not dismissive to all the other things besides my body that I have to offer. I am aware that many people wouldn't agree with something this short, or something low cut, or what-have-you. That's ok. This is about my limit as well. What I've found to be the most important aspect to remember in all this is personal conviction and being mold-able. I can't dress based off of someone else's convictions, and I can't expect others to adhere to mine. As we mature, we realize we need to change the outside to reflect better what is found on the inside, and that's ok. If I no longer feel like this is the way to go down the road, then I change it. No biggie.

Honestly, I think it's something that changes as we change. We define it differently the older we get, the more mature we get, and I feel like we have to let it grow organically. If it doesn't feel natural we are more likely to reject it instead of embracing it.

(Amendment, Just because this was recently brought up to me: when getting dressed, I do not factor how men will react to my clothing choices into picking my outfit. It is not my responsibility to dress so they don't have to do the mental work to control their thoughts. If I wear a potato sack to the floor, or two napkins and a paper towel, I am still a human. It is everyone elses' responsibility to have the common sense to realize that and treat me as such.  I dress for how I want to represent myself. Which happens to be as a respectable young lady with morals and more to offer than her lady bits. Carry on.)

Looking back to make sure my jacket's still following me? Talking to my imaginary friend? Don't really know.

And when all else fails, and I feel like what I was comfortable in in the house doesn't translate to the real world, I always have a jacket handy. It balances what's being shown on the bottom by covering up on the top - which is a good fashion rule of thumb for everyone to live by.  Show somethin' - cover somethin' else - can't show all the goods at the same time ya'll. A bonus is a chance to pattern mix. Doing something hard like camo with something soft like a floral is a fun way to go. The shoes also are a different pattern, but since it's all neutral it doesn't distract too much.

No clue what this face was about. Maybe now I'm yelling at my imaginary friend? He clearly needs to get it together.

So what's your take on the subject? How do you see or live out the whole modesty concept? Is it important?

A big thanks to MycDazzle for the pics.

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Cliche'
Shorts: Victoria's Secret
Shirt: H&M
Shores: Rachel Roy
Love Bracelet: Bebe
Woven Bracelet: Rastaclat

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  1. Mothers always think that you aren't covered up enough. You outfit is simple yet sexy.


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