Tuesday, April 21, 2015

5 Reasons Moesha Was the Realest

Mo to the...E to the...(you know you're singing it in your head).

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a feminist – at the very least, feminist light. Like, I believe in equal pay and that women can serve in the military and be CEOs and pilots and fisher(wo)men and pirates and Jedis, but I also refuse to kill a spider myself because gross and it might eat me.

In considering it, I stared to think about who my influences were and who I would count as someone who shaped my feminist notions early on…Ruth B-Geezy? Sure. Bell Hooks? Yeah, ok. But who started me on this path to “I am woman, hear me roar or not roar because I have the right to choose so get off my back, ok?” None other than the Mo-to-the, E-to-the…

Fellow 80s babies and some of you 90s ones, especially the ladies think about it – Moesha was super real and made no apologies. I was pretty convinced I was for the greater part of late elementary through middle school.  That is not called feminism – it is called an identity crisis, but whatever. Potato/potahto. Not only that – her fierce independence was mistake laden and helped us introduce us all to the perils of grown-up-titude. So, thusly, I present for your consideration, 5 times Moesha was the realist ever:

1. She knew what she wanted and she worked hard to get it - even if that meant some extra work on her part. Chick was not about to settle. Like that time her dad bought her a Saturn and she didn’t like it so she got her own car – that glorious tank-looking monstrosity – but it was cool because she got her own.
It may have been a hooptie, but it was her hooptie.

2. She wasn't afraid to stand up for womenfolk everywhere. If she thought something was unfair, she always spoke up about it in the name of equality and whatnot.

3. Moesha had a zest for life. She was fearless, and always learned life's big lessons, the hard way. Like that time she learned about credit and trifling friends. #RespectYoCredit #CreditorsJustDontUnderstand

4. She had a lot of confidence, no matter what. Nobody could tell her there was something she could not do. Like that time homegirl knew she couldn’t sing, but she went confidently into that audition…but she actually can sing, cuz she’s Brandy, but she can’t on the show, so it’s funny. Get it?! #90sIrony

5. She knew where her boundaries were and didn't apologize for it. I feel like that's missing from our culture these days - both the idea of boundaries and the idea that anyone has to explain them. Mo had this concept down - Like that time Usher (please pronounce it, "Urshur") tried it – but she wasn’t here for it and gave no...umm well, you know.

You say that Mo. It's not hard to see why pre-teen K.Mo  was enamored with this braided heroine of 90s awesomeness. Between Moesha Mitchell (and Clair Huxtable, naturally) I was all set for fierceness and fantasticalness.

Who were your/are your favorites?

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  1. HAHAHA @ the spider comment! you are hilarious.


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