Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why Quitting is Winning

Giving an enthusiastic & fashionable, 'nah'

Quit – verb : to stop or discontinue.
Alternate definition: To be doing something but then just be like, ‘nah.’

“Quit” is such a dirty word in our culture, like ‘taxes’ or ‘Justin Bieber,‘ but I contend that the word has a bad rap.

Sometimes quitting is great – like quitting smoking, drinking or eating couch cushion stuffing ‘My Strange Addiction’ style (which, you know, probably don’t start that in the first place).  Quitting can be good in other, less detrimental scenarios, too...

In thinking about purpose or calling, there are may myths out there that make the prospect of finding it daunting. Knowing exactly what you want to do with your life is rare at any age, but I’m finding the way to explore the concept is much more about the why than the what.

It can be easy to get caught up in the whats - the things that are perfectly fine and fun and great opportunities regarding what you do, be it being a dancer, musician, painter, cat whisperer, etc… but we can loose sight of the why pretty quickly.

If you’ve hung around my twitter or instagram for 5 seconds, you know that dance is a part of who I  am – I l.o.v.e. it. There were a few opportunities I took leading teams, teaching classes and such because they were fun and I love doing it. I got to do some cool stuff – but I felt a bit unfulfilled. After thinking about it , I reconsidered the way I prioritize my time. It wasn’t that the opportunities I took were bad – but they weren’t getting at the heart of what I’m really after – which is to connect with people through dance and have a meaningful exchange and create excitement and inspiration that rippled beyond me. I realized I needed to regroup and do something different. I’m still trying to work out what that looks like. I was focused on the what, which was dance, and got distracted from the why, which is to make meaningful connections and encourage others.

Until recently, I read this verse as “lay aside every weight/sin…” but what it really says is “lay aside every weight & sin” - meaning that they are not the same thing. The weight may not be a sin - but that doesn’t make it any less of a hindrance (reading comprehension ftw ya’ll). The key? Quitting. Laying aside the things that aren’t necessarily bad, but don’t progress your overall goals or contribute to your whyThat doesn’t mean forever. It doesn’t mean completely quitting all arbitrarily fun things, but it does require a reassessment of one’s priorities so you can run your race unburdened - going full speed towards the what you do for the Kingdom. 

We should ask ourselves, what is my goal? What legacy do I want to leave? Is what I'm doing now moving me closer to my why or distracting me from it?

It is a journey definitely a journey. Distractions aren't always bad things, or even sinful, but they are distractions just the same. All I'm saying is, think about your why while you do your what and find the shortest distance between the two. In the long run, quitting can lead to winning - bringing you closer to your goals and all around awesomeness.


Photo Credit: Nicole Warner for Roland Mouret: Gary Pepper

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