Friday, September 18, 2015

Life Ninja

Street Fighter was one of my favorite video games growing up.  I used to play it all the time on my Play Station – and by “play” I mean I mashed the buttons on the controller and got really good at acting like I meant to do stuff, which I feel like is a skill in itself so – I still win. This mostly has something to do with what's after the jump...

Lately life has been a fight. It’s been a fight to stay sane, to stay happy and to generally not spin kick someone in the neck (figuratively, of course….mostly). Sometimes it bes like that.

This shirt reminds me of my fave Street Fighter ninja chick - hadoukin and what not.

I hope you are not expecting me to say something deep and profound here. (And if you are, just pretend, k?) but I find the key to staying in the fight is to just keep fighting. I know it sounds simplistic. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds…trust me, I really do. The secret is to be intentional about it, I think. Is to decide with each new day that you’re still in the fight, that you are still mashing all the buttons and trust that it’s going to do something wonderful. Success is eminent, but only possible if you ignore all the things that say it’s not even worth it any more and just decide that even though it makes no sense  - you’ve still got some buttons you haven’t tried yet.

You keep mashing those life buttons my fellow life ninjas.

Top: Express
Necklace: Bebe (old)
Jeans: Wet Seal (lloongg ago) (holes by me)
Shoes: Rachel Roy
Lippie: MAC - Russian Red

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