Thursday, October 15, 2015

Currently Digging: Sing About Me (Video)

I've actually been digging this forever since I saw it a long time ago. I'm almost sure that sentence made sense. In any case, Pat Cruz is a choreographer/dancer that I've always really respected. His musicality and attention to detail of movement and feel is quite amazing. I was privileged enough to be in class with him a few years ago - I think I did more watching than dancing. See why after the jump...

Recently, a friend from my day job take another job in another state. I had the privilege of being at his going away and listening to all of the words others shared about his impact on their lives in the short time he was there. What really struck me was how every person commented on how he made them feel valued, like they mattered. Story after story about ginuine moments of encouragement and awesomeness. It really made me think about the legacy we all leave. Every interaction, big or small - long term or momentary, has impact. How do you go into each opportunity to engage? Will the people in your world everyday sing about you when you're gone?

This particular piece is so crisp and, at the same time, fluid. It's a great song that's perfectly embodied by the choreo. I'm done now. Enjoy.

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