Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Featured: Lessons In Style w/ Jewel

I know a lot of cool people, which is awesome for me. But I like to also, make it awesome for you! Enter: Jewel. She is a chica I've known for quite some time now, a fantastic style blogger in her own right, and all around awesome lady. I asked if she would share some style perspective and she graciously agreed! Enjoy party peeps! 

Lessons In Style:
I very recently interviewed for a personal stylist position, and I was asked how I describe my style.  My answer almost always goes something like this every time I’m asked this question: Eclectic with a hint of feminine touch. Eclectic, because I like to be adventurous, experiment, and take risks, calculated risks of course with my style. Feminine, because I enjoy timeless pieces that transcends throughout the years and through seasons. I’m also drawn to structured pieces, clean lines, and I certainly do not shy from colors. In fact, I live in it.

Having been blogging for going on four years about personal style, I’ve learned a lesson or thirteen two along the way, thanks to Kasidy for allowing me to share a few of those with you!

Ever stood in front of your closet and said or thought “Gosh, I have nothing to wear.”? I know I have; more times than I care to admit, actually. I’ve fallen victim to indulging in trends, shopping at fast fashion stores, and buying pieces without lasting power. Things that pretty much do not look as great after a couple of washes. And, if they don’t look as great after a couple of washes, they probably won’t look as great after a couple of months, much less a year. Which means, you find yourself restocking on exact or similar pieces, which means spending more money. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good trendy piece as the next gal, but I try not to drop a lot of cute coins on a piece that’s super trendy. This is where that calculated risk I was talking about comes into play.

So, how do I avoid this? Invest! Invest in quality pieces that’s sure to last a long time. Let’s play with numbers for a second. Say you purchase a structured blazer for 50 dollars, and you get 6 wears out of it; you purchase another structured blazer for 125 dollars, and it lasts you over a year. Which is a better use of your money? Spending a lump sum on an item can leave a whole in your wallet, but eventually you end up spending more if you have to replace your blazer a couple of times.
Speaking of investments, investing in tailored pieces can transform your wardrobe, big time. Just because you purchased something a certain way, does mean it’s the only way it can be worn. Tailoring your clothes personalizes them. Remember that structured blazer we just purchased? Have your tailor spruce it up by adding color, or leather to the lapels, or replace the buttons to add a more personal touch.  I purchased a red wide leg jumpsuit a few months ago that was too long and too big on me. I purchased it anyway; had it hemmed, and taken in for less than 20 dollars. Things you like or want may not often exist in the capacity in which you’d prefer, and sometimes you simply have to create it.
And that’s what I love about style blogging; creating a style that matches my personality, one that suits who I am as a person. It’s not right, or wrong, it’s just personal. After all, it’s called personal style, so you may as well make it yours.

And that’s what I love about style blogging; creating a style that matches my personality, one that suits who I am as a person. It’s not right, or wrong; after all, it’s personal. 

What are your thoughts? What style lessons do you have? Speak below!

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