Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Leaning, Life's Changes, & Dr. Scholls

That's a mean lean - photo cred: visual optimism

I have flat feet. As much torture as I put my feet through the dancing in heels and the walking in heels and the standing in heels and the general abuse of it all, sometimes it makes life miserable for my back. This is a product of time and wear - in my (alleged) clubbing days I could stand around all night in 4” torture devices and be good to run a marathon the next morning. (Though I wouldn’t do that, as I don’t run. My running is reserved for possible zombie apocalypse, fleeing a burning building, and if it starts to rain and my hair is about to get wet...I digress).  Not long ago someone knowledgeable of my foot abusing lifestyle bought me a pair of arch insoles for my shoes, which I was pretty sure only old people wear. And, thus, I resisted. Until one day…

Life changes whether we want it to or not. We get older, our bodies change, priorities change and people change. We begin to realize that some people we thought would be in our lives forever don’t necessarily add value to a healthy existence and the people we didn’t pay much attention to deserve a spot in our top 8. #nostalgia 

It’s really scary to let go of perceptions about how life would be that we’ve held on for years, but it’s when we try to hold on to them and live out the expired views of life that we fall into some sort of crisis - comb overs, dating people half your age, picking up the dream you had to be a  professional circus acrobat even though you have a full time job, bills, can’t touch your toes and fall down when you try to do a somersault. The key, I think, is to lean into the turn - not trying to lean out of it. I find trying to lean out leads us to the aforementioned unfortunate activities plus a lot of undue stress. Change can be stressful, but at least you get to the other side. 

Dreams don’t go away, but I think we have to allow them to change shape. I always remind myself that just because something was my “plan A,” it doesn’t mean that it was God’s plan A. And I’d personally rather go with His because He’s waaayyy smarter than me. We may change, life may change - but the fact that life has wonderfully successful, amazing, and adventurous times ahead doesn’t - even if the package it comes in looks different than we assumed. But that’s all it was anyway, right? An assumption. We typically don’t stand for it when things are assumed about others, but we do it to ourselves all the time.

Here are my tips for a successful lean  (i.e. the things I am leaning on): 
  1. Let go of assumptions about yourself and your life. There’s a lot more of you to discover.
  2. Don’t freak out. I remind myself of this one daily.
  3. Keep going. Don’t stop going after your dreams and don’t let the way they may change discourage you. #JustKeepSwimming #NemoLife

That's all my insoles and I (which are quite comfortable, by the way) can tell you. I decided that cool people - not just old people, wear them. And so, I'm leaning on some of Dr. Scholls' finest. What would you add to the list?

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