Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Uniforms & Unicorns

FYI: This is not Gert

The first instance of uniform wearing was back in 1682, when Gert Hermentrute designed matching potato sacks for her women’s water polo team.

That may or may not be true/is a total lie. But Uniforms have long been a staple in the world of wardrobe. The thought of wearing them used to make me sad. They’re trying to squelch my creativity, I thought. They won’t let my inner Sasha Fierce happen, I thought.  But now that I am grown and have a job and approximately 16,432 other things to think about daily - I appreciate the value more and more of looking fantastically put together without having to give it any thought at all.

The obvious danger of uniforms is looking like you’re wearing the same thing every day. Like you only own one outfit. Perhaps like you just sleep in the clothes from yesterday and roll into class or work. The key is to wear the same different clothes, but differently. This makes total sense. Pick one or two defining elements and stick to them, varying all elements around them. Be totally unique and magical like a stylish unicorn of sorts but with minimal effort. Because that's the best kind of effort. See the following, most glorious of uniform unicorns. Her supreme amazingness: Janelle MonĂ¡e.

The woman has worn the same thing since she debuted and, yet, has never worn the same thing. The key is to stick with something that works, a shape - a length, a basic color combo, and then build around it like there’s no tomorrow. If you like a certain length - play with shape and color. If you like a certain color story, play with texture. So much can be done with so little. Many powerful, busy women have embraced this concept as well, citing many reasons why it's the ideal way to go.

I am liking this idea more and more as I get congruently busier and lazier (life is funny that way). I tend to stick to grays, whites, and  blacks in my core wardrobe a lot and use my shoes or jackets to create moments. I find this to help me look more put together and, also, make less work of my daily morningness. 

What say you, Fresh Friends? Is this a good go-to wardrobe philosophy?

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