What is The Fresh Factor? 
(Urban) Style. Art. Life.

Upon a suggestion from an awesome person, I started this style blog. I figured: I like clothes, I like other peoples’ clothes, and I like doing stuff. Put that all together and bam…blog-a-rificness (I’m pretty sure that’s a word).

The Fresh Factor™ is a personal style/lifestyle blog that promotes a culture of style and creativity. It is a community to explore urban life through personal style, the arts, and discussion – motivating us to impact the world in a way that is all our own through the gifts we possess.
TFF is a faith-based community that does not shy away from culture – always striving to think about how we relate to the larger world and how it relates to us through a Christian lens.

See the world uniquely. Influence it creatively. Be Fresh.

About Me: (Attn: This is written in kind of in 3rd person. Lame? Yes. But also, somehow, no. It’s like a grammatical choose your own adventure.)

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kasidy is a dancer/choreographer/instructor and blogger who has always loved dance, theater, and music and fashion. She teaches and performs salsa, bachata and urban fusion (a Latin/Hip hop mix) and has done so in the Twin Cities and nationally. She is the Choreographer/Artistic Director for Project: Sabor – her urban fusion team, as well as a member of salsa team, Minneapolis Salsa Movement.

Kasidy/that girl/I   is/am also heavily involved in the coolest church ever, Passion Church, singing on the worship team, helping lead dance productions, and generally just hanging around helping do stuff because it’s a dope place with dope people who really love Jesus – which she/I/home girl also finds cool.

She/I/That chick has a Master’s in Leadership with a focus on leadership in the arts (as of May, 2015 – so either has or will have depending on when you’re reading this. She has not yet completed her thesis. Pray for her. She’s somewhere typing furiously, throwing books, crying, or all three).

This blog is my/her/some girl’s way to connect all the things I/she love(s) – Art, style, and sharing in life’s awesomeness.

If you’d like to inquire about this blog, hiring her for something cool, or something else awesome, reach her at [email protected]

The Fresh Manifesto:
Aka: The ManiFRESHsto


We define style  – We realize style is all about who you are, not who you wear. Being Fresh means being able to rock a piece from a designer store or thrift store and make it uniquely you. Style is more than trends, it’s a reflection of who we are and our point of view. It’s also fun. We never forget to have fun. We’re pretty good at it.

We are creative (and/or appreciate the creativity in others) – we have creative gifts and talents that we cultivate in order to be the absolute best at what we do. We respect these things in ourselves and others and live a life that reflects that. We are equal parts eternal students and lovers of our art.

We are influencers – we are here to be world changers, whether it’s on a global scale, nationally, locally, or in our own families. We use our creative voice and ability to move people in a way other things cannot and make a positive difference.

We give back – we recognize that we are all factors in our communities and have a calling to contribute – you live your best life when you help others live theirs.

So if you’re a stylish, creative, influence-having, give-backer (or just someone who likes style blogs) you’re in the right place! This is simply an attempt to make some sort of difference through a collective bond of style-loving awesomeness and have some fun in the process.

See the world uniquely. Influence it creatively. Be Fresh.