For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition

For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition

This is where things get awesome. The Fresh Factor is more than just a style blog, it’s a way to give back and support some creative and cool peeps (I’m aware that no one has said “peeps” since the 90s, but work with me here). This post features our first volunteer opportunity (Saturday October 15th!!) and some helpful hints now that fall wedding season is upon us. Do you know what to wear? Me neither! Here’s a little something I thought might be dope to wear to nuptials according to some great advice from an awesome friend of mine, Faith O. Folayan – owner and lead planner of Urbane Montage – an amazing wedding and event planning company. Take it away Faith!!!

For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition

Autumn begins this Friday. Living in Minnesota you can already feel the change in seasons. Arriving with those changes are invites to upcoming nuptials. Now that you’ve saved the date, it’s time for gift shopping. As you stroll through the mall or online shop it hits you, “What am I supposed to wear?” You’ve stored away the sundresses, linen pants, sandals, and such; summer is no longer with us. Fall weddings.

Fall affords more style choices than any other season. Wedding attire can vary depending on how formal or informal the wedding may be. Not sure of the attire? Invitations tend to set the tone of the wedding; at times the couple includes the attire request.

Fashion constantly changes but use your best judgment as far as location (indoor or outdoor venue) and the formality into consideration. Still unsure of what to wear to the wedding?  Below are a few tips I’ve gained along the way and wanted to share….


For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition
Don’t try this at home!



~Layered options
~Peep toe, closed toes or flats
~Gravitating towards earthy tones


~Garments that will get caught in the wind
~Anything too sheer or revealing
~Black or beaded attire for a Dressy-Casual wedding
~Nothing too constricting for dancing
~High heels that will sink in grass (or, dare I say, snow)

*White Rule: I personally think you will never upstage the bride, however being that it is fall and rich bold colors are in there’s no need to wear white to the wedding.

Dressy Casual SemiFormal Black Tie
Him Her Him Her Him Her
~Wool Suits

~Sweater & tie underneath a blazer

~Navy blazer with Charcoal pants

~Dark Grey or Navy suit with a mid-tone or bright tie that coordinates

~Printed dress

~Skirt and  sweater set

~Suit with bright color and rich fabrics

~Accessories to highlight colors of your outfit

~Dark suit, white shirt with a contrasting earth tone necktie

~Blazer & Slacks with tie

Layer with blazer

~Chic Cocktail dress

~One shoulder dress

~Rich textiles & luxe fabrics

~ Dark colors: Navy Blue, Plum, Purple


~Creative Black Tie: Black shirt or collarless white shirt.

Layer with vest  or cummerbund

~Formal floor length grown

~Jewel Tones: Emerald green, Ruby Red

Layer with shawl

~Beaded accessories

For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition
I loves a good peplum!!


Thanks Faith! As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with the print. It was a little long and a little large, but those were quick fixes. The colors and cut of the dress make it an amazing multi-season and, apparently, wedding friendly find! Yay for multi-tasking!!

I did this wedding themed post in honor of our first event, volunteering for the Goodwill/ Easter Seals Bridal Revival on October 15th from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. I’ll be there, Faith will be there, you should be there! Find out more details here and email me at [email protected] if you would like to roll with The Fresh Factor crew to volunteer!

For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition


For Better or Better: Fashion Forward Edition

So what do ya say? Are you ready to be a factor and get your volunteer on?

Photography courtesy of : K. Diarra Photography.  Click here to check out his work!

Dress: Vintage (from Everyday People)

Shoes: Aldo

Bracelet: Vintage

Earrings: For Love 21

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